11 novembre 2018

Quelles protections pour les travailleurs des plateformes collaboratives ?

Pôle emploi - Emploi Parlons NetQuel modèle social pour les travailleurs des plateformes collaboratives ? Foodora, Uber, Deliveroo… les plateformes numériques bouleversent aujourd’hui le rapport au travail et les relations sociales. Certaines de ces plateformes sont accusées notamment d’orchestrer une forme massive de salariat déguisé. Plus...

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06 novembre 2018

Siemens and UCF to establish Big Data collaboration

University Business Magazine logoThe University of Central Florida and Siemens unveiled a new collaboration around smart infrastructure that builds on a more than 30-year relationship. The expanded partnership is aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of buildings and the energy grid by harnessing the power of data. More...

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04 novembre 2018

Why collaboration matters in higher education

University Business Magazine logoI’ve noticed IT people don’t particularly like high-level, fluffy discussions. They’d rather hear specific use cases. More...

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26 octobre 2018

Workshop on Mass Collaboration - Day One

Workshop on Mass Collaboration - Day One
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, May 21, 2014
These are notes I took from Day One of a workshop on mass collaboration. It has been an interesting set of talks thus far; I present tomorrow, and there are some more talks Friday. No guarantee of more summaries, but the effort seems worthwhile. For those who are interested, I have also posted a set of photos from Tubingen, Germany, where the event is being held.

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Collaboration vs Cooperation

Collaboration vs Cooperation
@shiftctrlesc, Cloudhead, May 19, 2014

Here's a really nice clear account of the distinction between these two important terms. More...

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What do you mean by 'collaborative learning'?

What do you mean by 'collaborative learning'?
Pierre Dillenbourg, May 19, 2014

Pierre Dillenbourg: "In cooperation, partners split the work, solve sub-tasks individually and then assemble the partial results into the final output. In collaboration, partners do the work 'together'." I think this is only partially right; Dillenbourg would define an assembly line as 'cooperative' while to my mind it is a form of collaboration, because of the shared intent to produce a specific product. Dillenbourg P. (1999) In P. Dillenbourg (Ed) Collaborative-learning: Cognitive and Computational Approaches. (pp.1-19). Oxford: Elsevier. More...

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The Construction of Shared Knowledge in Collaborative Problem Solving

The Construction of Shared Knowledge in Collaborative Problem Solving
Stephanie D. Teasley, Jeremy Roschellel, The Conslruction of Shared Knowledge, May 19, 2014

"Collaboration is a coo rdinated, synchronous activity that is the result of a continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem... Cooperative work is accomplished by the division of labour among participants, as an activity where each person is responsible for a portion of the problem solving." What's important in collaboration is the creation of a shared model. More...

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Collaboration Supercharges Performance

Collaboration Supercharges Performance
Really nice set of notes (and I love his use of images) from Jay Cross on collaboration. Note well the diagrams showing the evolution of computing models and the evolution of learning models. More...

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20 octobre 2018

ITCILO delegation discusses ideas for collaboration with Cedefop

HomeA delegation from the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO), headed by Director Yanguo Liu, visited Cedefop on 4 September and exchanged ideas for collaboration in areas of mutual interest with Acting Director Mara Brugia, senior management and experts in the fields of skills development and adult learning. More...

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01 octobre 2018

Trends in Collaboration

Trends in Collaboration
This 25 minute presentation will take you, well, 25 minutes to get through (audio presentations completely negate the advantage of speed reading), but it's a sampling of the best of Jay Cross. More...

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