25 avril 2014

Data check: Growth in contingent faculty dwarfs full-time hiring at American universities

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) recently released a report on The Employment Status of Instructional Staff Members in Higher Education.
The report reveals that the growth in contingent faculty is much greater than the growth in tenured faculty, a story all-too-familiar to Canadian professors and academic librarians.
Between 1989 and 2011, the total number of faculty grew by 81 per cent, but the growth was mostly in the ranks of the continently employed.
There were more than twice as many non-tenured full-time faculty and more than two and a half times the number of part-time faculty by 2011. See more...

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Which schools will lead the pack in higher ed?

eCampus NewsBy . On April 30, Future Tense, a partnership of Slate, the New American Foundation and Arizona State University, will hold a conference in Washington, D.C., called “Hacking the University: Will Tech Fix Higher Education?” Addressing the ongoing global debate over the future of innovation in education, Paula Krebs, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Bridgewater State University, emphasizes that institutions must accept new opportunities offered by digital technology to provide students with critical 21st century skills. More...

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24 avril 2014

Colleges Get More State Funds, but Rely on Tuition

By Allie Bidwell. In many states, more than half of higher education support comes from tuition.
States are slowly increasing their spending for higher education systems as they inch out of the Great Recession but are increasingly relying on tuition costs, which now make up nearly half of all public higher education revenue. In a report released Monday, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association found state funding for higher education increased from $81.1 billion in 2012 to $81.6 billion in 2013. Overall, 30 states increased spending from 2012 to 2013, and the outlook for 2014 looks promising, according to an earlier report that examined state budgets for the next year. More...

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23 avril 2014

How to Get a Job at Google: Rsp to NYTimes Tom Friedman #FutureEd

http://www.hastac.org/files/imagecache/homepage_50/pictures/picture-79-873560aec16bee4b69793f2fa0fbd715.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. Usually when my blogs are a "response to the New York Times,"  it is to disagree, push back, emend, quibble, or rant.   Today, I am reading Thomas Friedman's "How To Get a Job at Google, Part II," with enormous pleasure and satisfaction and a sense of confirmation.   Friedman's interview with Laszlo Bock, the man in charge of all hiring at Google, confirms what I have learned from many workshops and interviews with both job recruiters and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. They often share our #FutureEd vision for higher education:   the single most important thing anyone can do in college is think deeply, profoundly, and strategically about why you are there--and what you want to take away from the most diverse, intense, rich learning opportunities you will ever be given the time to embrace. More...

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20 avril 2014

They’re Colleges, Not the Minor Leagues

By . If colleges follow Bill Bowen’s advice and “untie the knot” between athletics and big-time commercial entertainment, they will also be untying, or at least loosening, the knot that binds colleges to the NFL, the NBA, and the WNBA. Today colleges have a near-monopoly on American students’ access to those leagues, a fact we are reminded of every autumn Sunday, when NFL starters introduce themselves on TV by calling out their college connections (including, of course, THE Ohio State University). More...

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AAUP Officers Win Elections That Focused on Their Union Emphasis

subscribe todayBy Peter Schmidt. Top officials of the American Association of University Professors have fended off an election challenge from a slate of candidates who had accused them of being too focused on union organizing.
In an election that represented just the latest in a series of skirmishes over the AAUP’s direction, the incumbent slate prevailed in all four races for the association’s top offices, according to voting results released on Thursday. More...

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Obama Counsels Students on Options to a 4-Year Degree

ABC NewsBy . It would be a cultural shift, but the Obama administration is hoping to change the perception of two- and four-year universities and what is needed for success. Through two new skills-training programs, utilizing grant money announced in 2010, the administration is encouraging a competition to foster courses developed by industry at the community college level and an apprentice job scholarship program. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden appeared at a community college in Pittsburgh today to announce $500 million in grant funding for community college job-training programs and $100 million in funding for apprenticeship grants. More...

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When a 43 Percent Graduation Rate Means Success

By . Historically black colleges and universities are doing a better job serving students than headline graduation rates show. But that may no longer be good enough. Elizabeth City State University's enrollment is declining, it's struggling to absorb state budget cuts, and just 43 percent of students graduate in six years. But while this historically black college in northeastern North Carolina seems like a poster child for the woes of higher education, it's actually an overachiever: Students graduate at about twice the rate statistical models would predict, given the demographic the university serves, according to The Washington Monthly's 2013 college rankings. More...

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Local News, Off College Presses

The New York TimesBy Jennifer Conlin. In January, residents here learned the news that the senior place-kicker for the University of Michigan’s football team had been permanently “separated” from the college for violating its student sexual misconduct policy. In addition, the violation, what the authorities said was a sexual assault, occurred in 2009, when the kicker was a freshman, and his punishment was not determined until his athletic career had ended this past winter.
The article describing all of this, based on documents reviewed by two reporters, stated, “It’s unclear why sanctions were not decided in this matter until recently.” More...

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19 avril 2014

Cultivating innovative colleges and universities

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUa0Fk_7FQscWtrZHpz8OJg_QGcHVj2y63B7yEHt5K8aA7JDrjTD2O-wBy Scott Newman. Demands for increased innovation are commonplace today, with leaders of all stripes—including those in postsecondary education—calling for individuals and enterprises to be more innovative. Demands for increased innovation are commonplace today, with leaders of all stripes—including those in postsecondary education—calling for individuals and enterprises to be more innovative. More...

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