15 octobre 2014

Policing University Partnerships in Authoritarian Countries

The New York TimesBy Karin Fischer. A year ago, Wellesley College found itself embroiled in a debate about academic freedom in China.
Led by Thomas Cushman, a sociology professor at the college, a group of faculty members rallied support for a Peking University professor who said he was under fire for his political views. Mr. Cushman and others argued that the case raised questions about Wellesley’s work in China and challenged the administration to reconsider a nascent partnership with the university. More...

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Internationals tap wireless devices to make U.S. higher ed choices

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. International students are increasingly using wireless devices to research and select colleges and universities that best meet their higher education needs and many American schools might not be keeping pace with the trend. A new survey, released at the World Education Services (WES) 40th Anniversary Forum, shows 56 percent of international Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) used a smartphone to search for and apply to U.S. colleges and universities while 26 percent had used a tablet. More...

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How a new state website is helping students make college pay

By Liz Fedor. People in powerful positions often have access to the best information. Minnesota high school students now have the ability to expand their power base. When they are agonizing over technical school and college choices, they can now look at marketplace data that show which academic programs have high placement rates and what recent graduates are being paid.
For the first time in its history, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) is making this information available to the public on its website. More...

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Money will target higher ed for Native Americans

By Christopher Doering. South Dakota State University will receive a $3.6 million grant from the White House to promote access to college and graduation for Native American and low-income youth throughout the state, the Obama administration said Tuesday.
The university was one of 24 schools across the country selected by the White House to receive a total of $75 million in "First in World" grants. An estimated 500 U.S. schools applied for the funding. More...

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In Defense of For-Profit Colleges

National Review OnlineBy Neal McCluskey. Unless you follow education policy closely, you probably don’t know who Representative John Kline is. But just a few weeks ago, lefty talk-show host and comedian Bill Maher declared the district of the Minnesota Republican his top target for flipping from red to blue. Why? First and foremost, because Kline chairs the House Education and Workforce Committee and gets donations from, apparently, the worst villains this side of the Joker and Lex Luthor: for-profit colleges. More...

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Cheaper Prepaid college plans go on sale Wednesday

By . Florida Prepaid College plans go on sale again Wednesday, and this time it may really seem like a sale.
After six years of rapidly increasing prices which made Prepaid unaffordable for most families, this year's prices are the lowest since 2007.
The cost of a four-year university plan for the family of a newborn has dropped from $53,729 to $27,379, or from $350 to $173 a month. More...

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Bill seeks oversight of private colleges

By . A move by some congressional Democrats to strengthen oversight of private, for-profit colleges and universities got a boost this month when it was endorsed by 14 state attorneys general, including New Mexico’s Gary King.
However, none of the state’s five-member congressional delegation, including the two Democratic senators, has signed on. More...

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It’s time to get serious about improving Canada’s colleges and universities

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Harvey Weingarten. A recent Globe and Mail article pointed out that Canadian universities appear to be slipping in world rankings. This is not a good thing. Higher education institutions – because of the students they teach, the research and discoveries they make, and the communities they support – are some of the most critical public institutions in Canada positioning us for a robust economy with plentiful good jobs and the quality of life and civil society Canadians want and merit. Read more...

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Being a Utility Player

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/CRW.jpgBy Lee Skallerup Bessette. Baseball playoffs are here, and while I don’t watch it anymore (RIP Expos) except to see who wins the World Series, I still think a lot in terms of the different roles that players have within the dynamic of the team. The utility player, particularly in baseball, is someone who is essential to the success of a team, but often goes unsung within the popular mythos of a team’s success. Read more...

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By Steven Mintz. For the fastest growing student demographics, traditional face-to-face education often proves unrealistic.
Non-traditional students, who may have to juggle jobs and family responsibilities while also financing their schooling, frequently find it difficult to take a full-load of courses on a college campus. More...

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