23 novembre 2014

How the Three-Year Degree Could Save American Higher Ed

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. The following interview is with Paul Weinstein, director of the graduate program in public management at Johns Hopkins University. Weinstein recently published a paper through the Progressive Policy Institute exploring the value of three-year degrees as a way to bring the cost of higher education down for today’s students. In this interview, he expands on that topic and shares his thoughts on the roadblocks that are making the wider adoption of three-year degree programming more difficult. More...

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Winners and Losers in the Future of Canada’s Universities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Winners and Losers in the Future of Canada’s Universities
Ross Paul, Academica, 2014/11/20

Ross Paul warns that Canadian universities will have to adapt or perish in this article for Academica Group. He is a former university president who served at Athabasca universty for a time while I was there. More...

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19 novembre 2014

What it means to be an 'Aboriginal student' today

By Stephanie Willsey. First of all, I should introduce myself: I am a First Nations Canadian, of the Chippewa, or Ojibwe, community of Rama, Ont. I was raised off the reserve, but only a short drive away, and I am there often.
Being native is often characterized by deprivation and suffering — be it with respect to land, language or identity — and unfortunately, this is often the truth. My grandmother was forced to reject her native language, culture and customs as a child, through a tragically misguided view that she, like all other Aboriginal people, would be better served by assimilating into the “white” world. More...

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18 novembre 2014

The average undergrad getting an online degree is older

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Marlene Habib. As Jason Nixon watches his twin seven-year-olds kick their way through karate class, the dad, husband, politician and champion for the homeless can often be seen booting up his computer – to work toward earning his bachelor of commerce degree through Alberta’s Athabasca University. Read more...

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17 novembre 2014

Money still there for First Nations education funding, but no one seems willing to come to table and take it

By John Ivison. Mutual accommodation,­ the need to co-operate made necessary by Canada’s harsh geography and demanding history, ­is at the core of an examination of this country’s identity and destiny by Bill Macdonald, one of Canada’s preeminent legal and corporate figures of the past half century. More...

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Recession sent surge of graduates back to school, Statscan finds

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Simona Chiose. Canadian university graduates went back to school in large numbers after the recession of 2008-2009, with almost half the class of 2010 taking further courses after their BA, a new study released by Statistics Canada on Friday has found. Read more...

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16 novembre 2014

For-profit colleges sue Obama admin over 'irrational' new guidelines

By Claire Zillman. The schools have asked a judge to reject the new regulation, which bases for-profit colleges’ access to federal loan programs on graduates’ debt load.
The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, a trade group that represents for-profit colleges, sued the United States Department of Education and Secretary Arne Duncan on Thursday over rules the Obama administration released last week that penalize career training programs for burdening students with massive debt while offering few job prospects. More...

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APLU Panel: Effects of digital education trends on teaching faculty

By . Last week I spoke on a panel at the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) annual conference. Below are the slides and abridged notes on the talk. More...

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12 novembre 2014

US Colleges and Universities Earn a Poor Grade for Civic Engagement

By . Midterm elections are complete and cross-party bickering continues. A few less D's and a handful more R's will soon occupy the halls of Congress. Citizens, young and old, report their frustrations with our nation's elected leaders. Hope and change, just a few years ago was the rally cry of a political party is now fodder for mocking the president. Public distrust of the U.S. Congress is at an all-time low. At the same time, scholars urge colleges and universities to invest in educating for civic knowledge, civic values and civic skills in order to produce graduates who can confront controversy with civility. Often the 21st-century university scrambles to process more students in the most efficient means possible in order to assuage concerns of the rising price tag of a college degree. More...

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Is Sudden Decline Of For-Profit Colleges Good For Education?

ForbesLifeBy James Marshall Crotty. Though most for-profit college programs will remain open under the new Obama administration gainful employment regulations, the brand value of the for-profit college industry has been significantly hurt by intense scrutiny at all levels of government. Investigations by 37 state attorneys general, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the SEC and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have heaped a world of financial pain – enrollment at for-profit colleges is down 9.7% this year – and negative publicity on the sector. While some for-profits will fight the administration’s new regulations in court — or hope that a newly Republican Congress will block spending for the mandates – many for-profits have already decided to opt out of the market altogether. More...

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