15 mars 2015

AAUP Assails Wisconsin Governor’s Autonomy Plan

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . The American Association of University Professors has come out against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to cut ties between the State of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin system. More...

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Lawmaker Asks Education Dept. for Clarity in Dispute Over Campus Counseling Records

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . A U.S. congresswoman has asked the U.S. Education Department to clarify a provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as Ferpa, that may allow colleges to view and release students’ counseling records. More...

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Community-College Students’ Engagement Levels Rise

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . Report: “Engagement Rising: A Decade of CCSSE Data Shows Improvements Across the Board”
Organization: Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin
Summary: Today’s community college-students are more likely to come to class prepared, participate in class presentations, and discuss career plans with their instructors and advisers, according to a report that compares the engagement levels of nearly two million students at 853 colleges in 2004 and 2014. More...

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3 Big Issues We Heard About at SXSWedu

By . Student privacy, easier-to-use digital tools for instructors, and efforts to offer alternative credentials were some of the most-talked-about topics this week at the South by Southwest Edu conference, an offshoot of the popular South by Southwest music festival. More...

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Keeping Adjuncts Engaged Is Key to Helping Community-College Students Stay on Track

By Katherine Mangan. Professional development is more important than ever for adjunct professors at community colleges, according to speakers here at the annual meeting of the League for Innovation in the Community College.
Part-time instructors teach more than half of all classes and students at community colleges but often feel only a flimsy connection to their institutions, where they’re often hired at the last minute and offered little or no job security beyond that semester. More...

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Graduate-Student Union Organizers Hail NYU Deal as a Breakthrough

By . A new tentative labor agreement between New York University and its graduate employees’ union is being hailed by the organizers of such workers at other private universities as both a landmark victory for their labor movement and, in at least one case, a potential template for their own future demands. More...

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Stem the march of the administrators

By Viviane Callier, Richard H Singiser and Nathan L Vanderford. It is no secret that in the past several decades, the numbers of those running universities, referred to here as ‘academic administrators’, have increased dramatically whereas the growth in the number of tenure track academics, or ‘faculty’, in US parlance, has been only modest, and the trend is projected to continue. Read more...

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Corporatisation ‘threatens academic freedom’– AAUP

By Mary Beth Marklein. Higher education’s “romance with entrepreneurialism” puts the hallowed principle of academic freedom at risk at universities around the world, general counsel for the American Association of University Professors, or AAUP, told comparative education researchers on Wednesday. Read more...

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Striking for a better now, and a better future

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "universityaffairs"By Jennifer Polk. Canada’s two largest universities — University of Toronto and York University — are affected by strikes. Last week, first graduate student teaching assistants and course instructors struck at U of T, followed closely by all contract teaching assistants and instructors at York University. More...

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Past is prologue when it comes to contract faculty

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "universityaffairs"By Melonie Fullick. During the past two weeks, academic unions at the University of Toronto and York University — Canada’s two largest universities, both located in Toronto — have been on strike simultaneously. This is an unusual situation and one that’s brought a good deal of media coverage to the issue of working conditions for non-permanent academic employees (we also saw recently the National Adjunct Walk-Out Day in the United States, with some participation in Canada). More...

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