12 septembre 2015

Comme leurs gouvernements, les universités américaines et cubaines se rapprochent

Par Paul de Coustin. Le rapprochement entre les deux pays a une autre conséquence que la réouverture des ambassades : la reprise des relations académiques et la signature de partenariats entre établissements cubains et américains. Suite...

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09 septembre 2015

Focus on Scalable Support Critical for the Success of the Oregon Promise

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Ben Cannon - Evolllution. Oregon recently joined Tennessee in creating a tuition-free pathway to two-year college for recent high school and GED graduates. The Oregon Promise is expected to drive access for underserved populations and to minimize barriers to entry, but what about success? In this interview, Ben Cannon discusses the aims of the Oregon Promise, sheds some light on how the program may continue to evolve and shares his thoughts on what it will take for the Oregon Promise to be a true success. More...

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America’s College Promise: An Opportunity We Can’t Afford to Ignore

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Eduardo Padrón - Evolllution. What if every student, nationwide, who desired a college education and was willing to do the hard work necessary to earn a degree, was given the opportunity to do so?
That is exactly what The America’s College Promise Campaign is aiming to accomplish: debt-free tuition at community colleges for responsible students who have demonstrated academic success. More...

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America’s College Promise is the Pathway to Access Mission Fulfillment

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Reginald Gates - Evolllution. America’s College Promise, if it becomes law, will create access to post-secondary education for students across the United States. Though there are questions about how institutions will manage the expected increase in student numbers, the plan would provide great support to accomplishing the access mission of two-year colleges. More...

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Making the Dream a Reality: Logistical and Infrastructural Considerations for the Free Two-Year College Environment

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Vi Bergquist - Evolllution. Opening the doors to two-year colleges more widely is a great start, but government bodies must ensure colleges have the resources necessary to serve these students if these free college plans are to achieve their goals. More...

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Free Community College: Proceed With Caution

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Claude Pressnell Jr. - Evolllution. In the fall of 2014 Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam launched a higher education completion agenda dubbed the Drive to 55. The initiative set the goal of having 55 percent of all Tennesseans 25 years of age or older possess a postsecondary credential by the year 2025. One key component of the Drive to 55 is called the Tennessee Promise. More...

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A Common Vision: America’s College Promise Relies on Bipartisan Support and Partnerships

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy Ted Mitchell - Evolllution. Never has access to higher education been more important than it is today. Employers continue to create new opportunities, but these opportunities require a postsecondary credential, and the workforce just isn’t keeping up. As a result, finding ways to minimize the barriers to postsecondary education is critical, and the federal government has proposed a solution: America’s College Promise. More...

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America’s College Promise Will Mend Our Economy

Evolllution Logo, click to return to homepageBy J. Noah Brown - Evolllution. “A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain,” says an old Arabian proverb. President Obama introduced America’s College Promise, a proposal to make two years of college education available with no tuition fees to qualifying students. More...

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The Tennessee Promise

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "higheredstrategy.com logo"By Alex Usher. So, yesterday I talked about a big increase in access in the UK, which seems to have little to do with tuition fees.  Today, let’s talk about a developing story in the United States, where a lowering of net prices seems to have had a big impact on access. More...

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08 septembre 2015

College affordability gets the 2016 campaign spotlight

eCampus NewsWith college tuition rising, student loan debt increasing, and more students than ever applying for financial aid, 2016 presidential candidates both Democratic and Republican are taking college affordability to the campaign trail. More...

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