20 février 2020

Thoughts on “Non-Amicable” Enforcement of CC Licenses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Thoughts on “Non-Amicable” Enforcement of CC Licenses
Diane Peters, Alexis Muscat, Creative Commons Blog, 2020/01/16
I suppose this was inevitable. People who use Creative Commons (CC) licenses to facilitate sharing sometimes also believe that they protect their rights as creators. After all, Creative Commons is 'some rights reserved' - including especially attribution. But as people use these works without respecting these limitations, creators are increasingly tempted to turn to automated enforcement services - such as, for example, an automated image search service that tracks down unattributed copies of your images. According to this post, Creative Commons is official neutral on such services - it's not in the business of enforcing licenses, just defining them. More...

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