03 février 2020

LOM Re-Synch

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. LOM Re-Synch
Activity is beginning to heat up again around the whole learning object metadata (LOM) scene. There is the Dublin Core educational metadata (DC-ED) meeting I missed today, but which I will be following. And as Erik Duval writes, "Over the last year or so, there has been quite a bit of discussion on how we want to make LOM evolve over the longer term." What I really like - and what I really encourage - is that these will be open meetings, hosted online using FlashMeeting (which mostly works with every browser these days). I plan to be there, but even if I miss the meeting, it will still be accessible later, so I can follow what happened. Here's a meeting on metadata harmonization that took place Monday. I don't know yet whether there's a common calendaring system for these meetings that will let people (say) subscribe to a feed and pick which meetings to schedule to attend. More...

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