09 septembre 2019

An Interoperable Fabric for Scholarly Value Chains

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Herbert van de Sompel[Edit][Delete]: An Interoperable Fabric for Scholarly Value Chains, D-Lib Magazine [Edit][Delete] October 17, 2006
More on Object Reuse and Exchange (ORE). This article outlines some of the thinking behind ORE and offers a description of some of the major functions (or elements) of the new initiative. Again , I don't see anything particularly new here, except that is is creeping federation entering the world of OAI. And so I ask (as I did throughout the eduSource project) do we need a system of learning and research data exchange that is inaccessible to most people? Yes yes, I know, this sort of thing isn't explicit in the proposal. But why the use of OpenURL (which sends a different resource to people depending on the 'context' of the request). More...
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