28 mai 2019

Literature Review of E-assessment

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jim Ridgway, Sean McCusker and Daniel Pead[Edit][Delete]: Literature Review of E-assessment, NESTA Futurelab [Edit][Delete] January 31, 2006

[link: Hits] Funny how things work in the blogosphere. This report has been out for more than a year (I hadn't seen it, though; I don't really follow assessment issues). It's quite well written, and packs some zingers (like: "In the worst case, to be able to invent and create something of value is taken to be a sure sign of feeble-mindedness; where as to opine on the work of others shows towering intellectual power"). Anyhow, this item was reviewed today in e-learning reviewa, covered in the Authentic Assessment Website, and finally, mentioned in Michelle's Online Learning Freakout Party Zone, which is where I saw it. More...

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