11 septembre 2016

International competitiveness of UK university technology transfer practice

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The report’s recommendations are:

  • UK national policy development needs to involve university leaders who play critical roles in setting the overall strategic direction that shapes university technology transfer.
  • National funders and policy-makers should improve evidence and debates on the critical issues that are important to successful technology transfer, such as around ecosystems, place and economic growth. Universities can play a key part in this. The UK needs to focus on its areas of strength rather than adopt policies from other countries.
  • The greater focus on research impact in the UK in the Research Excellence Framework has helped provide a supportive environment for academic entrepreneurship. Academic and student entrepreneurs are very diverse, focusing on different technologies and with different interests and aptitudes. Universities need to do more to demonstrate that they support these diverse talents effectively.
  • PraxisUnico, a national professional association focused on technology transfer, should be supported to develop further so that it can provide more support for less experienced or smaller-scale technology transfer units, and enable it to further its American and other overseas and private sector links. PraxisUnico should also be supported by national stakeholders and funders to highlight the differentiation needed in technology transfer policy and practice for different technology sectors. More...
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