International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningTable of Contents

Research Articles

Editorial ~ Online Postgraduate Education: Some reflections
Peter S. Cookson
Mia Lobel, Randy Swedburg, Mike Neubauer
Miguel Casas Armengol
Morten Paulsen
Bobbie Chan
Jia Frydenberg
Mark Kretovics, James A. McCambridge
Terry Anderson, Liam Rourke
Mike Sosteric, Susan Hesemeier
Peggy Hannon, Karl E. Umble, Lorraine Alexander, Don Francisco, Allan Steckler, Gail Tudor, Vaugn Upshaw
Tatana Olson, Robert A. Wisher
Stephen Parnell
Dimitris Vergidis, Chris Panagiotakopoulos

Research Notes

Simulating the Computer Science Closed Laboratory in an Asynchronous Learning Network
Timothy Margush
The Effect of Self-selection on Student Satisfaction and Performance in Online Classes
Helen Simon, Pan Yatrakis
Role of Delivery, Course Design and Teacher-Student Interaction: Observations of Adult Distance Education and Traditional On-Campus Education
Om Kumar Harsh, M. Sadiq Sohail
Leadership and Distance Education in Higher Education: A US Perspective
Sonja Irlbeck

Book Notes

Book Review - Educación a Distancia: de la teoría a la práctica
Alejandro Pisanty
Book Review - Sustaining Distance Education: Integrating learning technologies into the fabric of the enterprise. Editor: Zane L. Berge
David Passmore
Book Review - The Third Shift: Women Learning Online. Author: C. Kramarae
Barbara Spronk
Book Review - Preparing your Campus for a Networked Future: Educuase Leadership Strategy No. 1. Editor: Mark A. Luker
Erin Keough
Book Review - Socio-Economics of Virtual Universities: Experiences from open and distance higher education in Europe. Editors: Friedhelm Nickolmann and Gerhard E. Ortner
Paul Kirshner
Book Review - Delivering Digitally: Managing the transition to the knowledge media. Editors: A. Inglis, P. Ling, and V. Joosten
Terry Anderson

Technical Notes

International E-learning Specifications
Norm Friesen, Rory McGreal
Online Polling Services
Jon Baggaley, Tom Kane, Bill Wade
Online Video Conferencing Products
Pam Craven, Brian Keppey, Jon Baggaley
Chat and Instant Messaging Systems (synchronous): Report 2/3
Ellen Kinsel, Merv Roy, Harley Waldman, Donna (M. M.) Woloschuk, Patrick J. Fahy
Chat and Instant Messaging Systems (synchronous): Report 3/ 3
Patrick J. Fahy, Brian Ludwig, Jon Baggaley, Krista Poscente
Integrated Collaborative Tools
Lynn Fujino, Neil Martindale, Sharon Mulder, Clare Woodward, Patrick J. Fahy

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