03 décembre 2015

The European Students’ Union condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris

ESU - European Students' Union ESU is deeply concerned about the the possible outcome of what this seed of fear might mean for Europeans and for Europe itself.
The European Students’ Union strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris and send our condolences and solidarity with all the victims, their families and their beloved ones. All our thoughts and prayers are with all people in Paris and in France.
On the darkest and painful moments, when we feel disgusted and our soul wounded, we shall never pay back hate with hate nor give up our core values. These terrorist acts at the heart of Europe threat not only our safety and security, but the European project itself. We should keep being united and be stronger than fear. We need to make sure that education remains as a key tool against hate, intolerance, marginalisation, radicalisation and any kind of violence. More...

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