The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher EducationAt a Ministerial meeting today in Yerevan, Armenia, the European Higher Education Area adopted the revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) (opens i​n new window).
Anthony McClaran, Chief Executive of QAA, is part of the UK delegation.  He said: ‘The Yerevan Communique sets out a renewed vision for higher education in the 47 countries of the EHEA, and the future of the Bologna process through which compatibility of quality and standards in higher education across the EHEA is being embedded.
‘The Communique adopts the new standards and guidelines which shape quality assurance across higher education in Europe.  They are clearer and better structured, and the section on providers’ own internal quality assurance makes a more explicit link to learning and teaching. There is also more definition on how quality assurance relates to developments in qualifications frameworks and learning outcomes. 
'For quality assurance agencies, there is more emphasis on involving stakeholders in agencies’ governance and also in the design of review methods. QAA was the only agency judged to be fully compliant with the previous ESG, and we look forward to engaging fully with the new guidelines from now on.’ More...