21 février 2015

Quality Assurance for OER : Current State of the Art and the TIPS Framework

We present validated quality assurance criteria as guidelines for creating and improving open educational resources (OER). We have reviewed all 45 known related frameworks in the literature, and built an open collation of 205 criteria.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_In-Depth_40_1.pdf. More...

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Quality assurance in online learning: The contribution of computational linguistics analysis to criterion referenced assessment

Asking students as a group what they have learned from an assessment and analysing their responses using computational linguistics software can provide a necessary and complementary perspective to criterion referenced assessment. This can ensure an assessment is meaningful, relevant, and designed to optimise learning and assure quality in online education.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_From-field_40_4.pdf. More...

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eLearning paper issue 40 "Assessment, certification, and quality assurance in open learning" is now online

The online journal eLearning Papers has just released its issue number 40 for which the contributing authors each present research articles on "Assessment, certification, and quality assurance in open learning". More...

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Introduction to EU Anti-discrimination Law

Welcome to the e-learning course on European Union (EU) anti-discrimination law. This course has been developed as part of the seminar project that the Academy of European Law (ERA) implements on behalf of DG JUSTICE of the European Commission in the framework of the PROGRESS Programme. View the course. More...

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IAE Lyon

The IAE Lyon is a leading university business school, created in 1956, awarding state recognised degrees, combining the advantages of a management school with relevant research input.
IAE Lyon is one of the largest business schools in France and the only one of its kind to offer a range of courses covering all fields of management from Bachelor’s, Masters, Executive MBA, to Ph.D. level in an international and professional environment. More...

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By Miguel Zapata. El blog RED es el vehículo de difusión y revisión de los trabajos a publicar en la revista RED (http://www.um.es/ead/red/) y para difundir, revisar y discutir los resultados y trabajos del titular Miguel Zapata-Ros (http://www.um.es/ead/mzapata/)
Son pues objetivos de este blog apoyar y permitir la discusión de los temas propios de la revista RED, por tanto los objetivos científicos del blog son los de la revista. More...

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Think with Things's Memories of the Open Education Challenge Incubation Tour

By OpenEd Challenge. It was the perspective of the OEC  that accelerated the idea and growth of Think with Things:  “Think with Things was born of the challenge. Endearingly coined the ‘love child’ of the OEC, we were off.” When they became one of the seven winning teams last July in Barcelona, it was the beginning of the adventure. More...

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Will Tech Save Us?

By Alex Beard. We addressed this issue at the #EdDigEra conference in December. In order to address education inequalities in the digital era, we identified 5 key fields in which we need to operate. More...

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20 février 2015

Carolina Jeux-Conde interview on Education in the Digital Era

By Desiree Anera. Las grandes multinacionales tecnológicas están jugando un importante papel en la transformación del panorama educativo, tal y como se pudo constatar en la conferencia Education in the Digital Era que se celebró en Bruselas el 11 de diciembre de 2014. More...

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Ways of Earning College Credits for Prior Learning Assessment

By Patrick Harlenson. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) advances Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) by means of various routines, and CAEL supports individual schools in setting prior learning credit arrangements with respect to grown-up learners. CAEL discoveries demonstrate that understudies accepting PLA credit keep up much higher graduation rates. More...

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