These days nearly all students have some sort of a part-time job. It might be anything from working a few evenings in a supermarket or behind a bar to dog walking or babysitting. In your first term you’ll be getting used to lots of new things so don’t take on too much too soon.
Wait until you’ve got a feel for your course and how much study time you need before committing yourself to a job.
There’s no point earning extra cash if it means you’re too worn out to get your work done or spend time with your mates! Go to your college or university careers service to find out more about part-time work. Many Universities and student unions now have one-stop ‘job shops’ which advertise jobs specifically for students. These are a good starting point in your job search.
The small ads in local newspapers are also a good place to look for part-time work. Jobs & Benefits offices and JobCentres will also be able to tell you about local vacancies and many now have touchscreen terminals with access to thousands of vacancies to make your job search as quick and easy as possible. You can obtain information through JobCentreOnline external link
Once you’ve got a job, make sure you talk to your employer in good time if you want to work in the Christmas or summer holidays. If you want a holiday job back home, try contacting employers before the end of term so that you’re not competing with all the other thousands of returning students. More...