HEFCE logoThe UK has the most efficient and effective research base in the world, punching well above its weight.
Recent analysis by Elsevier shows that almost 90 per cent of the most highly-cited research involves UK universities.
Publicly funded research in the UK is highly cost-effective. It pays for itself in five years (Note 1).

Effective ‘dual-support’ through HEFCE and research council funding 

The dual-support system is highly effective in funding and stimulating world-class research in universities.
In 2014-15 HEFCE will distribute £1.6 billion in quality-related research (QR) funding to 130 universities and HE colleges as our part of the ‘dual-support’ system.

Event: showcasing public engagement

‌As part of Universities Week, an event at the Natural History Museum will bring together examples of public engagement with research from across the UK.
It forms part of the Engage 2014 Competition Awards Ceremony run by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.


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