20 mai 2014

The Academic Workload Calculator and Cap Visualiser

By Toby Cotton (La Trobe University)To give staff an intuitive interface to calculate and check their workload allocation for a single subject.
The Academics Workload Calculator and Cap Visualizer (Version 1.7.1) is a computable document (CDF) application. To use it you must download the free CDF player from Wolfram Research at https://www.wolfram.com/cdf-player/  It is free and easy to install and once installed, the application will open when you double click on it. The application allows the user to input all the data required to calculate workload point allocations and provides a breakdown of results (in points and hours) in tabular and graphical form.  It also alerts the user whenever the workload caps have affected their allocation and provides the actual cost to the user in points and hours. More...

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