19 avril 2014

Mass Transit

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/provost.jpg?itok=k-3W3N__By Herman Berliner. My education was also facilitated by mass transit.  High school was either a long walk or one subway stop away on the number 1 train.  College was a half dozen stops away and graduate school was slightly more than a dozen stops away.  But when I started working at Hofstra, life changed.  Traveling to Hofstra from Manhattan via mass transit was a subway, train and bus ride away.  If everything worked well, the commute was two hours each way; I quickly switched to traveling to and from campus by car.  On most days, traveling by car cut my commute by 50%, though finding a legal parking space in Manhattan was sometimes a challenge. Read more...

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