Barcelona (Spain) has won the 2014 “iCapital” prize for the European Capital of Innovation, the European Commission announced yesterday.

The Barcelona Open Data portal opens up all public sector information in standardized digital formats so that anyone can reuse the data however they want.

The Factory of the Sun is an environmental education facility that integrates and showcases a number of services relating to renewable energy, urban environment, and sustainability.

Barcelona Activa is a municipal company that promotes quality and future-oriented employment and businesses. It hosts 115 companies in its Business Incubator and Technology Park, introduces people to new technologies in its Cybernarium, and offers training and coaching to job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Open Education Europa is making its own contribution to innovation in Barcelona through our partnership with the Open Education Challenge. The Open Education Challenge aims to develop, strengthen and fund innovative education startups. 

The iCapital prize is worth 500 000 Euros, which will go towards scaling up and expand Barcelona’s innovation efforts.
Website: European Comission Press Release.