21 octobre 2013

What to research? Seamless learning or self-directed learning in MOOC?

https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1607332342/Ignatia_Inge_de_Waard_small_bigger.jpgBy . There is a bit of a fork in the road with my PhD research. I can feel it. As data from my pilot study is seeping in, my head seems to want to tell me something, but the thoughts have not crystallized into conscious ideas yet.
So yesterday I took my doubts to the public, that is to say: I proposed it to my colleagues and that already twisted my mind towards some new ideas (and I put some of the remarks they shared into the powerpoint below). But now I would like to hear your views as well. What would you research if you were me? In order to provide some background, slides were shared. More...

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