Louis, Missouri. May 26-31, 2013.
Ideals and Impact in International Education
is the theme of the NAFSA 2013 Annual Conference & Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, which will feature hundreds of posters, sessions, and workshops, unlimited networking opportunities, and a dynamic expo.
The 2013 Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is seeking proposals that will be informative and relevant, informed by theory and research, encourage opportunities for learner engagement, and/or demonstrate application to the work of participants. In particular, the ACC is keen to receive proposals that:
  • Feature a diverse array of presenters, including those:     
    • of different nationalities
    • of different levels of experience
    • from different institutional and organization types
  • Deliver best practices using approaches for different types of learners
  • Use multimedia approaches, including:
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Instant feedback (using Twitter or other technologies)
  • Are based on or supported by research
  • Contain new ideas and are on the cutting edge
  • Stimulate and provoke discussion

The deadline for session and workshop proposals has passed. Poster submissions will remain open until December 10.
To learn more about what the ACC is looking for, listen to a recording of the "Writing an Effective Conference Proposal” session that was given by the ACC in Houston.