papers and presentations of the expert workshop (24-25 February 2011) are available on line.
The seminar on quality assurance and accreditation in VET and HE held at the Berlin School of Economics and Law will bring together experts from Europe and beyond and from different professional and institutional backgrounds. The seminar has two main objectives: first, to explore methods and tools for overcoming the existing dichotomy between external and internal quality assurance and, secondly, to search for synergies to support the improvement of quality in education and training provision. It is hoped that the outcomes will help to identify the core elements of a mutually reinforcing approach to quality assurance and accreditation fit for lifelong learning and applicable to both VET and HE. As a by-product, it may be possible to define crucial areas for further research to support the above-mentioned objectives. Download the Presentations of the Expert Seminar 24-25 February 2011.