28-10-10 to 29-10-10, PLACE: Nairobi, Kenya, ORGANIZED BY: Strathmore University
The objective of the 7th Annual Conference is to provide a forum for the re-examination of the concept of sustainable development and the role of higher education institutions in its achievement. Have East African Universities lived up to this ideal of a university? Has university research worked with government and communities to ensure integration of all aspects of society in the pursuit of development? What role have universities played in helping governments develop policies that will ensure achievement of sustainable development?
Sustainability also embraces key elements without which a society cannot advance, such as constitutional provisions that respect and protect human dignity, a legislature understood as a true law-making arm, a sound judiciary system, social policy formulation and research, a value system that fosters virtuous leadership and other related subjects.
This Annual Conference, which is already a tradition in the country, presents to governments, businesses and academia an open forum for the discussion of ideas and innovative proposals aimed at making our institutions purveyors of a true development with ethics as its pillar and foundation.
To this end, the Conference Secretariat invites research papers and presentations from the following themes:
1. Governance, policy-making & development.
2. Legal premises for a holistic understanding of sustainable development and the possible links between justice, the environment and human rights.
3. The philosophical foundations of development from a social, political and/or environmental perspective.
4. Human Dignity as the centre and prerogative of sustainable development that stresses the increasingly clear link between combatting environmental degradation and promoting an integral human development.
5. Universities and development: possible areas of interconnection.
6. Reflections on the current state of East African Universities as institutions that should play an essential role in development.
Annual Ethics Conference Executive Summary and Information. 2010 Concept Note.