Regional Higher Education Cooperation in the Next Decade: The Bologna Process and Europe-Asia dialogue, 1-3 July, 2009, Brussels, Belgium.
The Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area meet increasing interest and attention by universities and governments around the world.
In Asia, higher education reform is increasingly discussed in a regional setting and proposals to create tools for recognition and mobility have been tabled. The Bologna process is certainly a reference point, and the interest to cooperate with Europe on such reform is high.
The present Round Table invited senior leadership and management from Asian and European higher education institutions, organisations and government agencies to discuss some of the Bologna issues in more detail, in order to get a better understanding of the overall reform process. Equal attention was paid to evolving regional reform processes in Asia, and the implications they may have on European-Asia higher education and research cooperation.
The event included a pre-programme 'information visit' to the European Commission of the European Union and a post-programme visit to the city of Ghent and Ghent University, where guests were welcomed by the rector of Ghent University and the Ghent University Association.
While the Bologna Process is an intra-European project, it is of interest for Asia for several reasons. The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) stretches from Ireland to Russia. The latter makes it a neighbour of some Asian countries.
In addition, practically all higher education and research partners that Asia has in Europe participate in the Bologna Process, and have been undergoing and continue to undergo system changes due to the joint European reform agenda.
Therefore it is essential for Asia to know what important reform developments Europe is undergoing. It is also essential for Europe to better understand the evolving higher education landscape in Asia. Today, no higher education system can be seen in isolation. While this is a basic lesson of the Bologna Process, which enhances compatibility of national higher education systems in order to enhance exchange and cooperation, this is also true for the European Higher Education Area. Programme. Presentations. Photo Gallery.