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22 mars 2016

Development of ODL in a newly industrialised country according to face-to-face contact, ICT, and e-readiness

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningA large number of unqualified and under-qualified in-service teachers are holding back socio-economical development in South Africa, a newly industrialized country. Open and distance learning (ODL) provides an innovative strategy and praxis for developing and newly industrialized countries to reach their educational and socio-economical objectives through professional development and training. More...

22 mars 2016

An OER architecture framework: Need and design

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThis paper describes an open educational resources (OER) architecture framework that would bring significant improvements in a well-structured and systematic way to the educational practices of distance education institutions of India. The OER architecture framework is articulated with six dimensions: pedagogical, technological, managerial, academic, financial, and ethical. More...

22 mars 2016

On-the-job e-learning: Workers' attitudes and perceptions

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThe use of e-learning for on-the-job training has grown exponentially in the last decade due to it being accepted by people in charge of businesses. Few papers have explored virtual training from the workers’ standpoint, that is, the perception they have about the different training methodologies (face-to-face vs. virtual) and the attitudes they have towards on-the-job learning. More...

22 mars 2016

A predictive study of student satisfaction in online education programs

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThis paper is intended to investigate the degree to which interaction and other predictors contribute to student satisfaction in online learning settings. This was a preliminary study towards a dissertation work which involved the establishment of interaction and satisfaction scales through a content validity survey. Regression analysis was performed to determine the contribution of predictor variables to student satisfaction. More...

22 mars 2016

Green curriculum: Sustainable learning in higher education

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThe United Nations (UN) constituted 2005–2014 as the decade for educational sustainable development when bridges have to be built between academic institutions and their communities. In this article I will therefore do a literature search from 2005–2011 on what it means to be a sustainable university with a sustainable curriculum by looking at case studies from other higher education institutions in order to begin to give guidelines for such an endeavour in an open and distance learning (ODL) institution. More...

22 mars 2016

IRRODL (International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning) - Vol 14, No 1 (2013)

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningTable of Contents


Editorial: Volume 14, Number 1
Terry Anderson

Research Articles

Willa Petronella Louw
Yu-Chun Kuo, Andrew E Walker, Brian R Belland, Kerstin E E Schroder
Josep-Maria Batalla-Busquets, Carmen Pacheco-Bernal
Pankaj Khanna, P C Basak
J Marinda van Zyl, Christoffel Johannes Els, A Seugnet Blignaut
Ana Paula Silva, Pedro Lourtie, Luisa Aires
Tel Amiel
Patrick J. Fahy
Patricia B Arinto
Naghmeh Aghaee, Henrik Hansson
Hayriye Tugba Ozturk, Huseyin Ozcinar
Helena Grunfeld, Maria Lee Hoon Ng
Mireia Farrús, Marta R. Costa-jussà

Field Notes

DeLaina Tonks, Sarah Weston, David Wiley, Michael K. Barbour

Full Issue

Cover Image
IRRODL Volume 14, Number 1
22 mars 2016

Les métiers en images pour ouvrir le champ des possibles

Orientation Pays de la LoireClap de fin ! La 7e édition du festival Métiers à l’affiche vient de fermer ses portes. 62 films, répartis en 3 catégories, ont été présentés à plus de 2 200 spectateurs (élèves, demandeurs d’emplois, stagiaires) lors de séances organisées sur la Loire-Atlantique. Voir l'article...

22 mars 2016

Connaissez-vous la bonne boîte sur emploi store ?

Orientation Pays de la LoireMieux qu'un simple annuaire. La Bonne boîte, l’une des applications développées par Pôle emploi sur Emploi Store, cible les entreprises ayant des perspectives d'embauche élevées. Ce ciblage est obtenu par l'analyse de millions de recrutements sur toutes les entreprises françaises. Voir l'article...

22 mars 2016

11 avril 2016 : Ouverture de Sofi (Système de l'offre de formation informatisé)

Orientation Pays de la LoireUn nouvel outil pour la collecte et la diffusion de l'offre de formation professionnelle initiale et continue des Pays de la Loire. Voir l'article...

22 mars 2016

No-one is happy about higher education cuts – Minister

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, the minister of education and culture, has responded to the onslaught of criticism she has received from academia over drastic cuts in education spending, saying that no-one is happy about the cuts, reports Helsinki Times. Read more...

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