30 décembre 2008

Denmark: Continuing vocational education and training (CVET) for adults

In Denmark, the public sector plays a major role in the provision of continuing vocational education and training as well as generel adult education. However, in the last 10-20 years, private provision of continuing and adult education and training has grown. This includes courses provided by consultancy firms, private course providers, and internal HRM departments.
The main type of CVET in Denmark is, however, the adult vocational training (CVT) programmes offered by labour market training centres and vocational colleges. These programmes are important provisions in the policy objective of furthering lifelong learning and contributing to the creation a flexible labour market. Employees are given the opportunity to increase their skills and competencies regularly by following a CVT programme. Online: http://eng.uvm.dk/

There are a number of training provisions targeting unemployed people and people at risk of exclusion.
Enterprises focus on the development of human resources in terms of improving their generic competences such as the ability to cooperate, flexibility, adaptability to change, etc. Furthermore, publicly provided CVT has been re-organised so as to provide more tailor-made in-company training courses in co-operation with companies. Companies describe their training needs and the vocational colleges/labour market training centres draw up training courses to match. Social partners also offer training courses for their members, e.g., the VET teachers' professional associations offer sector specific courses for teachers to keep their vocational qualifications up-to-date.
In Denmark, the individual has a broad range of opportunities to enter continuing adult education and training from basic schooling level to university level.
I Danmark, den enkelte har en bred vifte af muligheder for at fortsætte voksenundervisning fra grundskoleuddannelse plan til universitetsniveau.

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