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25 mars 2018

Education Department May Decentralize Budget Functions

HomeBy Paul Fain. Betsy DeVos, the U.S. secretary of education, is seeking to break apart the department's budget office, Politico reported. The department recently removed at least two top budget officials and plans to decentralize its budget functions. More...

25 mars 2018

Canadian Budget Includes 'Historic' Boost for Research

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Canada's new budget includes almost 4 billion Canadian dollars (about $3.1 billion) in new funding for science and research over the next five years, Nature reported. More...

24 mars 2018

What approval of the budget deal really means for higher ed Blog. The bill itself outlines appropriations for disaster relief aid toward institutions that were affected by wildfires and hurricanes, increases scientific research funding for groups like the National Science Foundation, exempts Berea College in Kentucky from having to pay a tax on its endowments as it provides free tuition, and provides state funding for abstinence education. More...

3 mars 2018

Inspire - Le budget étudiant : gérer financièrement sa vie étudiante

Résultat de recherche d'images pour ""Pour beaucoup, "devenir étudiant" rime avec "partir vivre hors de chez ses parents". Mais en gagnant en indépendance, tu devras aussi apprendre à tenir un budget. Logement, courses, études, charges : comment faire pour tout gérer sans te retrouver dans le rouge en fin de mois ? Combien coûtent des études dans le supérieur ? Zoom sur ce qu’il faut savoir sur le budget étudiant. Plus...

3 mars 2018

Budget 2018

By Alex Usher. So, last night was interesting, what with the Budget, the response to the Naylor report and the criminal scheduling of all this on the same evening as Toronto FC’s home-opener (yes, I am still bitter). More...

1 mars 2018

Lawmakers return, debate higher education budget

University Business Magazine logoNew York lawmakers return to the Capitol this week to begin their push to agree on a state budget, due by April 1. There are a number of issues on which they must agree: first the amount of money that is available and then how to spend it. More...

23 février 2018

Few Surprises in White House Budget

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. White House budget proposal isn't likely to serve as framework for Congress, but it reflects many of the same higher ed priorities as House Republicans. More...

28 janvier 2018

Universities, colleges seek more funds, outline budget woes

University Business Magazine logoLeaders of Mississippi’s eight public universities are ringing alarm bells about state funding, saying they could lose their ability to compete if funding cuts from recent years aren’t restored. More...

28 janvier 2018

Southeast announces workforce reduction to meet budget needs

University Business Magazine logoTo meet remaining reductions needed to balance the FY18 budget and cover known budget needs for FY19, Southeast Missouri State University today announced the need to eliminate a total of 35 to 40 additional vacant and currently filled staff positions over the next five months. This represents approximately 4 percent of the University’s full-time workforce. More...

28 janvier 2018

La. college leaders sound alarm amid budget threat

University Business Magazine logoLouisiana’s higher education leaders are ramping up pressure on state lawmakers, seeking a decision on taxes soon to avert months of financial uncertainty and a last-minute debate before a massive budget shortfall hits. More...

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