12 mars 2018

Germany: challenges and opportunities for vocational schools

HomeDemographic change, ongoing digitalisation of the world of work, the trend towards higher level school leaving qualifications and an increasingly heterogeneous group of learners: all these are challenges that dual vocational education and training (VET), including vocational schools, need to meet. More...

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Sweden: Increased opportunities for basic eligibility in vocational programmes

HomeThe proportion of students who choose a vocational programme in upper secondary school is decreasing in Sweden. The vocational content of VET programmes was strengthened in reform of upper secondary education in 2011. One unintended effect of the reform, according to estimates by the National Agency of Education, is reduced interest in vocational education due to difficulty studying courses leading to eligibility for higher education. More...

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Denmark: VET knowledge centres

HomeKnowledge centres are being appointed to help educate students in vocational education and training (VET) to handle technological development and match the competences that companies demand in a digital labour market. The centres will also support other VET schools in their work on the digitalisation of education, resulting from new technologies, and in developing and testing new teaching and training methods that all VET schools can use in their work with talents and educational development. More...

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Denmark: VET student’s well-being survey

HomeThe second national student proficiency measurement in VET shows that students continue to thrive. Students in practical training in companies thrive more those in school practice. The same applies to students with an immigrant background compared to students with Danish descent and descendants. More...

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Latvia: growing support for in-company training

HomeThe project has also developed tools providing information about in-company training. Virtual practice office provides in-company training guidelines for employers. The largest career portal in Latvia has been updated by the project team and offers networking and evaluation e-tools for employers, young people and VET schools. More...

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Belgium: certified vocational training - a key to employment in Brussels

HomeIn July 2017 a graduation ceremony was organised by Bruxelles Formation (public adult training provider in the Brussels Region) and 78 trainees were given their credentials, as official recognition of skills acquired through successfully completed training. More than 700 trainees are hosted every year in largely practical training schemes of two to eight months. More...

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Latvia: national VET quality assurance uses European indicators

HomeEQAVET implementation started in 2013. In 2016, the government approved the use of EQAVET indicators to improve existing quality assurance arrangements in the national system:
  • teacher participation in the professional competence development;
  • learner participation in vocational education programmes;
  • vocational education graduates;
  • graduate employment: use of skills acquired at the workplace;
  • inclusion of risk groups in vocational education;
  • identification of demand for vocational education programmes in the labour market;
  • greater access to vocational education programmes.
VET provider annual self-assessment reports will include data on those indicators to be assessed by the State Education Quality Service. More...

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VET in the 21st century – Future trends and priorities

HomeCedefop's workshop on vocational education and training (VET) in the 21st century – future trends and priorities took place on 20 and 21 February in Thessaloniki.
Over 40 participants representing researchers, policy-makers, learning providers and other stakeholders, discussed the changing nature and role of VET, shared knowledge and exchanged experiences about VET’s future at national level promoting cooperation on these matters in Europe. More...

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Finland: Major VET reform approved

HomeAt the end of June 2017, the Finnish Parliament approved new legislation for vocational education and training. The reform is the most extensive in education legislation in almost twenty years. The new act will enter into force on 1 January 2018. More...

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France: series of reforms to transform vocational training

HomeReform of the continuing vocational training system has started with an initial series of negotiations between social partners, from November 2017 to February 2018. Any agreement reached could serve as the foundation for the law to be ratified thereafter, as was the case with previous reforms in 2014 and 2009. More...

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