31 janvier 2020

Web2Summit: Opening Up the Social Graph

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Web2Summit: Opening Up the Social Graph
A lot of things are happening very quickly in the social identity space. This post, which appeared a couple of days ago, is already a bit out of date. No matter; here are the latest slides from David Recordon and Brad Fitzpatrick. And here is the key thought for the day: "A lot that you have heard here is about platforms and who is going to win. That is Paleolithic thinking. The Web has already won. The web is the Platform." Quite right. Don't invest too much in one platform. More...

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The 21st-century learning reformation

eCampus NewsAn upcoming Summit will bring together forward-thinking leaders from all over the world to collaborate and innovate on the standardization of non-traditional credentials. More...

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21 janvier 2020

Inaugural WIE Summit takes place in Berlin

By Kerrie Kennedy. The inaugural Women in International Education Leadership Summit and the third annual WIE awards have taken place in Berlin, to celebrate and connect international educators and organisations who have shown exceptional commitment to gender equality in the workplace. More...

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18 janvier 2020

Sommet européen de l'économie sociale 2020 du 25 au 27 novembre 2020 à Mannheim

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Dans cette curieuse institution qu'est la présidence tournante tous les six mois du Conseil de l'Union Européenne il est difficile de faire avancer une politique. Plus...

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08 décembre 2019

Global Summit of Universities took place at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

QS WORLDWIDE is a leading annual higher education conference that connects international educators, senior academics, administrators and government from across Central Asia and beyond will took place on September 18-19 in Kazakhstan. The conference organized by QS and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. More...

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European summit of Presidents of Parliament in Strasbourg

Conseil de l'EuropeThe Presidents of Parliament from the 47 Council of Europe member states and many partner, observer and neighbouring countries, along with the Presidents of other international assemblies, will be meeting in Strasbourg on 24 and 25 October 2019 for a European parliamentary summit.
Some 60 Presidents, together with 300 other delegates, are expected to attend the conference, organised by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). More...

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05 décembre 2019

BMI connects stakeholders at summit

By Patrick Atack. BMI held one of its three Global Scholarship Summits in London, at which its inaugural Global Scholarship Awards were also awarded. More...

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27 septembre 2019

Canadian colleges’ successes with disadvantaged learners Highlighted at UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills Summit

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Canadian colleges’ successes with disadvantaged learners Highlighted at UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills Summit
Unattributed, Colleges, Institutes Canada, 2014/10/21
According to this post, Colleges and Institutes Canada has released a report describing "the programs, support services and innovations that Canadian colleges are using to increase access to post-secondary education for vulnerable groups." The report (60 page PDF) is organized as a series of 55 or so one-page articles, each describing a case where someone uses one of the services (it would make a great series of blog posts). Topics include Indigenous learners, language support for new arrivals, learning disabilities, the transition to college, mental illness and crime. More...

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24 septembre 2019

Rendez-vous au Sommet de l'Elevage !

logo du FafseaLe Fafsea sera présent au Sommet de l’élevage du 2 au 4 octobre 2019, salon Européen des professionnels du métier.
Rendez-vous à la grande halle d’Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand) hall 1, allée D, stand 108.
Rencontrez nos équipes, poser vos questions, trouvez des solutions sur mesure pour votre entreprise et informez-vous sur la réforme de la formation professionnelle. Plus...

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21 septembre 2019

EEP 2019 Summit Videos Are Up

It took longer than I had hoped, but you can now see most of the Empirical Educator 2019 summit presentations here. (Unfortunately, the videographers didn't capture the last couple of presentations on OpenSimon.) I'll return to these after I finish my series on digital curricular materials design, but in the meantime, the talks are available for your enjoyment. More...

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