29 décembre 2017

Conditions de travail. Dossier sur le harcèlement sexuel au travail

Dans un dossier diffusé sur son portail de veille sur les conditions de travail, l'Anact* fait le point sur le harcèlement sexuel au travail et fourni des ressources pour le prévenir : statistiques disponibles, mesures accessibles aux entreprises,  outils, kits de sensibilisation et d'information.
Source : http://www.gref-bretagne.com/Actualites/Breves/Conditions-de-travail.-Dossier-sur-le-harcelement-sexuel-au-travail

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25 décembre 2017

Why the regional Title IX proposal needs tweaking, but shows promise

eCampus NewsVictims, accused students, and colleges and universities could benefit from greater consistency and transparency in Title IX compliance in cases of sexual assault. More...

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24 décembre 2017

Time to consider teaching Consent 101

University Business Magazine logoThe recent cascade of revelations about sexual misconduct in high places in America is, unfortunately, old news to many women. It is, however, a welcome opportunity to ask the long-overdue question—is there an educational antidote. More...

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23 décembre 2017

Northwestern lawsuit highlights debate on university sexual misconduct policies

University Business Magazine logoNorthwestern University is being sued by a student who contends that the university denied him his right to due process when it concluded that he had sexually assaulted a fellow student and then kicked him out of school last year. More...

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22 décembre 2017

Tackling sexual harassment on campus is about more than naming and shaming

The Guardian homeDysfunctional systems aren’t fixed through knee-jerk punishments. We need cultural change which makes a difference in the long term. More...

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How one UK university confronted its sexual harassment problem

The Guardian homeGoldsmiths in London has changed its reporting process and created a specific post in order to build on experience and foster long-term change. More...

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UK universities accused of complacency over sexual misconduct

The Guardian homeMore than one-third of universities provide no staff training on misconduct, including harassment and rape. More...

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21 décembre 2017

As a young academic, I was repeatedly sexually harassed at conferences

The Guardian homeEarly in my career, older men I looked up to took advantage of their power to make sexual advances. But I never talked about it, so nobody ever knew. More...

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Understanding the myths that new students hold about sexual violence and domestic abuse is key for prevention

The ConversationSexual violence and domestic abuse are public health problems in society – and they are issues that also affect universities. One 2011 study reported that during their time at university, 25% of women students in the UK had experienced sexual assault, 7% were subject to a serious sexual assault and 68% were subject to physical or verbal sexual harassment on campus.
A new study that I’ve just published found that some students – both male and female – hold myths about sexual violence and domestic abuse when they arrive at university. More...

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20 décembre 2017

Serial Rapists

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. A lawsuit against Howard University claims that it knew of multiple reports of sexual assault against certain students but did not remove them from campus. More...

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