07 février 2014

Erfolgreicher Abschluss der LEARNTEC 2014

Die 22. LEARNTEC ist am heutigen Donnerstag erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen. 6.685 internationale Fachbesucher (2013: 6.068 Besucher) zog es an den drei Veranstaltungstagen in die Messe Karlsruhe.
LEARNTEC Kongress und Fachmesse haben 2014 gezeigt, dass die digitale Revolution der Bildung nicht nur bevorsteht sondern im Gange ist und wie sie aktiv gestaltet werden muss. Durch die enge Verzahnung von Messe und Kongress standen insbesondere Praxis-Beispiele im Vordergrund.
Eine Fotoauswahl gibt es auf der LEARNTEC-Website. More...

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29 décembre 2013

International Higher Education Forum 2014

Universities UKInternational Higher Education Forum 2014. 20 Mar 2014, 1 Victoria Street Conference Centre, London, SW1V.
While long-term opportunities such as Transnational Education will play an important role for the UK higher education sector, the recruitment and retention of international students are fundamental to the success of a university’s international strategy. The key is how to integrate these two important approaches without losing sight of one or the other.
From the latest global trends to best practice in the UK, from the environmental factors impacting success to fresh approaches from countries leading the way, the second annual International Higher Education Forum speakers will deliver the expertise you need.
The Forum will also provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing and networking with other delegates, all at the convenient setting of the 1 Victoria Street Conference Centre in Westminster, central London.
Whether you are charged with delivery or oversight of your international strategy, the International Higher Education Forum will provide you with a toolkit of ideas to enable you to plan ahead for the next 12-18 months.
By the end of this conference delegates will:

  • Be better able to lead or support the delivery of an international strategy
  • Be aware of  the opportunities and sector-wide initiatives available to support their international activities
  • Have a better understanding of current global trends and issues
  • Understand best practice and tactics that can realise recruitment and retention; and be in a position to bench mark their institution.

This event will be of particular interest to: deputy and pro vice chancellors; directors of international offices, communications and marketing staff; university registrars and those leading on international student recruitment and support. The event is being organised by Universities UK and the UK Higher Education International Unit in partnership with Hobsons.

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21 décembre 2013

LINQ 2014 / EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2014

The 9th EFQUEL Innovation Forum in 2014 will address one of the greatest challenges in today’s quality development for education and training: how to achieve quality in open education. More...
Website: Official Website of LINQ, Official Website of EFQUEL.

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25 novembre 2013

Forum des formations supérieures de l'Orne

Jeudi 28 novembre 2013 sur le site universitaire d'Alençon-Damigny. 
Ce forum, organisé par l'Association pour la promotion et la gestion du site universitaire d'Alençon-Damigny (APGSU), est ouvert aux lycéens, étudiants, parents. Tout savoir sur le forum sur le site universitaire d'Alençon-Damigny. Suite...

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30 octobre 2013

EUCIS-LLL at the European Education, Training and Youth Forum



http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQdpMI10_tg-RU6IlqULdhvtc25NCsKXgc85ON9RCAIsKg9Jx020qxGc_FULast week the second edition of the European Education, Training and Youth Forum took place (minutes soon available in our members’ area). Entitled “Working together for reforms”, the Forum aims to emphasise the need for policy makers and key stakeholders to work in partnership for the successful implementation of reforms at national and regional level, in particular through the opportunities offered by the new EU education, training and youth programme “Erasmus+”. Commission Head of Directorate on Europe 2020 Pierre Mairesse presented the first insights of the Education and Training Monitor 2013 (soon available) and evoked the need to tackle current challenges in a cross-sectorial approach, involving also civil society partners. EUCIS-LLL President David Lopez presented the outcomes of the EUCIS-LLL consultation led prior to the Forum, which had mobilised more than 733 respondents. Read also our press release published before the event.

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12 octobre 2013

iLearning Forum showcases innovative e-learning technologies

http://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/sites/default/files/logo.pngThe 14th edition of the iLearning Forum will take place in Paris on 11-12 February, 2014, in Paris. The conference brings together various stakeholders in the fields of e-learning, training, human resources, and talent management.
The event promises to showcase the latest innovations in e-learning technology and its applications. With over 40 exhibitors and 5,000 participants expected, there will undoubtedly be a wide array of exciting activities and sessions. The full conference program will be available in January 2014. More...

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11 octobre 2013

Pôle emploi à l’international participe, pour la 3e année consécutive, au forum Paris pour l’emploi

http://www.pole-emploi.org/image/media/corporate/logo-pole-emploi.gif;jsessionid=JjrsSYqNmYWLywjGNJKHxQQvlB161kpvnKG2xFlcgqrHJvpXL5vT!-1979816207!154292739Pôle emploi à l’international participe, pour la troisième année consécutive, au forum Paris pour l’emploi le 3 et 4 octobre 2013.
Pôle emploi et en son sein les équipes EURES invitent les demandeurs d’emploi et candidats à rencontrer des spécialistes de la mobilité professionnelle et des entreprises qui recrutent pour des postes à dimension européenne et internationale, directement sur le forum. Pour la première fois en France, cet évènement est également disponible en lignepour les internautes qui souhaitent participer à ce forum.
Le Village Europe et International
Dans le cadre des European Job Days 2013**, la Commission européenne a souhaité s’associer cette année à Pôle emploi.
Son objectif : donner plus d’ampleur à la promotion de la mobilité en Europe à travers cet évènement incontournable dans la région Ile-de-France.
A cette occasion, les conseillers Pôle emploi / Eures France mettent à la disposition de tous les candidats à la mobilité, un espace dédié. Ils pourront postuler, sur place ou en ligne, à des offres d’emploi à l’étranger, rencontrer des entreprises qui recrutent, particulièrement en Europe mais aussi au Québec et au Canada, participer aux ateliers et écouter les témoignages de candidats à la mobilité.
Avec 15 000 postes à pourvoir, Paris pour l'emploi, le plus important forum français de recrutement, se déroulera les jeudi 3 et vendredi 4 octobre 2013, place de la Concorde (Paris 8e). Suite...

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14 juin 2013

Report from the Fifth European University-Business Forum

http://www.eua.be/images/logo.jpgReport from the Fifth European University-Business Forum, Brussels (4-5 June 2013)
Organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture, the fifth edition of the University-Business Forum focused on the theme “University-Business Cooperation: Strategic partnerships for Innovation and Growth; From dialogue to Partnership”. The U-B Forum featured high-level plenary sessions with representatives from business and higher education, DG Education and Culture, policy makers and other stakeholders.
EUA President, Professor Maria Helena Nazaré, represented EUA during the initial round table on 4 June which set the scene for the subsequent discussions. Key benefits of university-business collaboration were highlighted and pro-active attitudes were recommended. All the round table panellists agreed that talent was key for innovation and that universities must be considered by companies as another part of their value chain. Professor Nazaré highlighted that business and society at large should take account of the transformations that many universities are incurring to develop more and better university-business collaboration. Based on evidence gathered by EUA she highlighted that “academic and non-academic leaders involved in long-standing collaborative research initiatives show that universities can make compatible their core missions (i.e. excellence in academic research) and successful long-term collaborative research activities with the adequate institutional leadership, support services and public funding”. Recalling the EUA statement addressed to heads of state and government in November last year she also said that “increased investment in higher education and research to mobilise the potential and capacities of present and next generations of young people is the ‘sine qua non’ for Europe to exit the economic crisis and achieve future prosperity”. Read more...

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29 mai 2013

Forum Recherche, Innovation et Compétitivité

http://www.anrt.asso.fr/fr/association/img/image002.jpgL'ANRT s'associe aux Echos pour l'organisation du prochain Forum de la Recherche, de l'Innovation et de la Compétitivité 2013 qui se déroulera le vendredi 28 juin à Paris aux Salons Hoche. Programme et inscription (nombre de places limité).
Le Forum de la Recherche, de l’Innovation et de la Compétitivité est prévu quelques mois après le débat sur la compétitivité en France: le rapport Gallois et les propositions gouvernementales ont rappelé que l’innovation est un levier majeur de compétitivité. Si la nécessité d’innover n’est plus à démontrer, le comment innover concerne les entreprises françaises qui doivent trouver les moyens de financer leurs investissements en R & D.
Au programme

- Politiques nationale et européenne de la R&D: quelle cohérence? Quelle gouvernance?
- Financement de l'innovation - Leviers publics, ressorts privés: ce qui marche et ce qui manque
- Articulation entre filières industrielles et technologiques, clusters et pôles de compétitivité: premier bilan concret, constat et perspectives
- De la recherche à l'innovation: le modèle français et ses alternatives 
- Innovation collaborative entre grands groupes, PME et ETI: la clé de la réussite pour un écosystème performant

- Jean-Luc BEYLAT, Président du groupe de travail sur la réforme de la politique de transfert; Président Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France, Président du pôle de compétitivité, Systematic Paris-Région
- Marie-Pierre CHEVALIER, Directeur des alliances stratégiques, Pfizer
- Franck DEBAUGE, Directeur associé, ACIES Consulting Group
- Marko ERMAN, Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Thales
- Paul-François FOURNIER, Directeur de la Division Innovation, Banque Publique d'Investissement
- Charles LETOURNEUR, Managing Partner, ALVEN Capital
- Gérard MATHERON, Group Vice President R&D and Public Affairs, STMicroelectronics
- Agnès PAILLARD, Présidente, Aerospace Valley
- Jean-Christophe SIMON, Senior Vice-President Chief Innovation Office, SEB
- Ronan STEPHAN, Chief Innovation Officier, Alstom.
http://www.anrt.asso.fr/fr/association/img/image002.jpg ANRT joins the Echos to host the next Forum of Research, Innovation and Competitiveness in 2013 which will be held Friday, June 28 at the Paris Salons Hoche. Programme and Registration (limited number of spaces). More...

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17 mars 2013

Literacy as the foundation for lifelong learning

UIL Senior Programme Specialist Ulrike Hanemann will present the closing speech at a three-day conference on early-language development during this year's Leipzig Book Fair. The conference, entitled "Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education", will bring together experts from over thirty countries from 12 to 14 March to discuss trends and experiences in early literacy.
The range of topics covered is very broad, from the scientific foundations for early childhood learning and socio-cultural considerations, to practical issues of financing and family literacy. One aim of the conference is to help establish a global network of literacy researchers, civil society practitioners and policymakers.
Ms Hanemann will hold her presentation on the role of literacy as a stepping stone to lifelong learning. Please check back on this website for a link to the presentation and an update after the conference.

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