05 juillet 2019

WebCT Conference

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Helen Barrett[Edit][Delete]: WebCT Conference, E-Portfolios for Learning [Edit][Delete] July 17, 2006
Helen Barrett offers her reflections on WebCT's new approach to e-portfolios and (more importantly, in my view) links to the latest version of her ongoing e-Portfolio slide show. The presentation covers a lot of ground, of which I think the section on 'reflection' (near the end) is the most useful. More...

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30 juin 2019

Conférence « Réforme formation » et Forum de l'action sociale

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23 juin 2019

UNIQ - les conférences singulières

Agefiph, ouvrir l'emploi aux personnes handicapées, retour à l'accueilLe Medef Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et l'Agefiph vous convient à une conférence innovante pour changer de perspective sur le handicap, le 25 juin 2019, à partir de 18h30, à Champagne au Mont d'Or (69). Plus...

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22 juin 2019

Várpalota conference: Smart, democratic and inclusive cities

Conseil de l'EuropeFaced with rapid urbanisation, climate change and increasing pressure on city services, including transport and healthcare, European cities must adapt by developing smart-city technologies. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities has organised a conference on this topic, entitled "Smart Cities: Democratic and Inclusive Cities", which will be held on 14 June 2019 in Várpalota, Hungary. More...

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Conférence publique "Insight sur Mars : premiers résultats scientifiques"

Screenshot-2018-4-21 Journal de mise en ligne - ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frFrédérique Vidal, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation, s'est exprimée lors de la conférence publique "Insight sur Mars : premiers résultats scientifiques" qui s'est tenue en Sorbonne le 18 juin 2019. Plus...

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6th EWORA Conference and Declaration

European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) has recently organised its 6th Women Rectors Conference at Malmö University, Sweden on 13-14 May 2019. Women Leaders of Academia who attended this meeting have shared their concerns with a declaration for the political consensus about gender equality as a priority being under threat. More...

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CASE Europe Annual Conference, 27-29 August, Birmingham, United Kingdom

For the sector, disruption is a way of life. Societal and political turbulence is changing the way we are funded, regulated and perceived. In a time of constant change, how do we thrive and survive in an era of disruption? Connect with a global network of education advancement professionals to find out. Discover, learn, share and go back to your institution feeling energised and inspired. More...

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HUMANE Annual Conference, 14-15 June, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Research and innovation management has become so much more complicated, and interesting, with the advent of the impact agenda. The idea of impact might be understood using different terms, pursued with differences in emphasis and at different speeds, and influenced by country-specific policy dilemmas. More...

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21 juin 2019

TeRRIFICA “Co-creation and Climate Action. How can people have an impact on climate adaptation and mitigation?", 22 May

The Conference is organized by the Science Shop Vechta/Cloppenburg University of Vechta within the framework of the H2020 TeRRIFICA project, whereby eight European institutions work together to foster competence for climate change adaptation and mitigation in different European regions with a specific focus on Responsible Research and Innovation. More...

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Cedefop presents evidence on AI skill needs at Beijing conference

HomeCedefop presented new evidence on the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills, as revealed in the job vacancies of EU employers, and its research on automation risk and the responsiveness of vocational education and training (VET) systems to the future of work challenges, at an international conference on AI and education in Beijing on 16 to 18 May. More...

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