02 mai 2015

University mergers in Europe - Governance

LogoUniversity mergers in Europe” is the second thematic report published by EUA as part of the DEFINE project. DEFINE explores strategies for efficient funding of universities in Europe, looking in particular at excellence initiatives, university mergers and performance-based funding mechanisms.
University mergers in Europe - Governance
The analysis of various merger cases shows that the steering of the process is most frequently placed directly under the joint leadership of the merging institutions, often with the support of the corresponding senior management team. At the operational level, a taskforce or merger project team is generally put in place at an early point to map out how the merger will be implemented, and reports to the leadership. This team coordinates the work and feedback of a series of usually thematic working groups organised at inter-institutional level and within the institutions themselves. The establishment of shadow structures is also a frequent feature in the process (bodies that do the work of existing institutions in the form of the newly merged university). Download the report “University mergers in Europe. More...

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22 août 2010

Reform of University Governance: Trends, Policies, Fads, and Experience in Comparative Perspective

Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training7th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform (HER): “Reform of University Governance: Trends, Policies, Fads, and Experience in Comparative Perspective”. 7-8 October 2010, Vancouver, Canada.
Higher Education Reform in South East Asia (Japan and China). Vertical Differentiation as a Governance Strategy – the Case of the German ‘Excellence Initiative-. Impacts of University Education Reform on Faculty Perceptions of Workload in Japan-Satoshi. Restructuring the Japanese Higher Education Terrain: Faculty Perspectives of the 2004 Reforms. University autonomy, academic freedom and intellectuals: Is there a Chinese model?
Higher Education in Indonesia, Panel: Higher Education in Indonesia: University Governance, Autonomy, and Networking.
Developments in University Governance in Mexico. Panel: Mexican Higher Education Governance After Two Decades of Quality Assurance.
Issues of Higher Education Governance in Germany. Vertical Differentiation as a Governance Strategy – the Case of the German ‘Excellence Initiative’.
Why University Governance Fails - Sociological explanation of the excessive use and failure of management by objectives.
Differentiation makes discrimination. How the growing differences in federal research funding entails discrimination for the second-best universities.
Developments in University Governance in Latin America. Federal Policies and Governance Universities in Mexico, 1990-2010.
International forces shaping Latin American higher education governance. The governance of public and private institutions of higher education in Mexico: Changes in their relationship with the State and the market. Higher Education Reform in Ecuador: A Movement against Neoliberalism and Academic Capitalism?
Registration (opens July 1 - Closes September 30, 2010). Programme HER10 draft. See also the article G8 University Summit.

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