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1 avril 2019

MIT Proposes Stronger Open-Access Policies

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is exploring how to more openly share its publications, data, software and educational materials with the public. More...

1 avril 2019

Today's Context Demands Use of OER

HomeReplying to a recent blog post, Jonathan Poritz argues that lowering students' costs by using open educational resources isn't just a nicety in an era when many students are hungry and textbook "quality" is exaggerated. More...

1 avril 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Technologies for Open Educational

Techno-News BlogThe Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Technologies for Open Educational Resources (OER) workshop was part of the ‘Learning and Skills sessions’ held during UNESCO’s Mobile Learning 2019 (5 March 2019, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris), which focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The workshop presented the latest developments on how AI and frontier technologies can be used to share, use and develop OER, within the framework of the Ljubljana OER Action Plan and the current Draft UNESCO OER Recommendation. More...

31 mars 2019

Reframing the Conversation about OER

Techno-News BlogIt’s time to add OER – Open Education Resources – to a list of technologies (or technology resources) that might really be a catalyst for major change in higher education. The basic OER arguments, offered with great passion by OER advocates and evangelists, are compelling. More...

28 mars 2019

The Role of Digital Rights Management in Open Access

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Role of Digital Rights Management in Open Access
Good article discussion the relation between digital rioghts management (DRM) and open access (OA) publushing. While OA advocates eschew DRM because it has the potential to impose access restrictions, there may be a role for DRM in the management of minimal rights, such as attribution, through a declaration of those rights in metadata. More...

28 mars 2019

Open Media Network

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Open Media Network
This site, the misleadingly titled Open Media Network, is one part of a wider strategy to see Microsoft DRM technologies become the de facto standard for online multimedia (and in particular, video). More. While it appears that the dawn of free video content has finally arrived, the Microsoft DRM world is a very restricted universe - you have to have Windows, of course, and be using the proper DRM. More...

27 mars 2019

Open Source Desktop Television Software

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Open Source Desktop Television Software
Think about the implications of this for just a moment. "The sourcecode for a ground-breaking project has just been released by the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF). The software, currently under development and due to be released in June, will enable anyone to broadcast full-screen video to thousands or millions of people at virtually no cost." There has been a lot of buzz about this in the coding and file sharing community; it looks to me like the community has reached the point where, instead of fighting commercial content producers, it has decided to make the irrelevant. More...

27 mars 2019

The Reality of Open-Access Journal Articles

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Reality of Open-Access Journal Articles
Open access is a reality now, write the authors, and so the academic articles asking what it would look like are now moot. More...

27 mars 2019


By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. OpenSearch
I had a quick look at this because George Siemens linked to it - A9 has been all the rage for the last few weeks in the blogosphere - and I want to take a deeper look because of what I saw. Forget the article for a second - check out this search first, and note especially the buttons to the right. Try some. More...

26 mars 2019

Open Definition 2.0 released

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Open Definition 2.0 released
Timothy Vollmer, Creative Commons, 2014/10/08
I think that the 'Open Definition' people are doing a lot of harm to the open content movement by defining 'open' in such a way as to exclude non-commercial license (and hence, most of the open content in the world).
The new revised open definition is: "Any content released under an Open Definition-conformant license means that anyone can 'freely access, use, modify, and share that content, for any purpose, subject, at most, to requirements that preserve provenance and openness.'" When I actually look at the definition, though, I see it still needs work. It's the usual problem. More...

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