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19 janvier 2015

University’s digital badges to certify “discrete” skills

eCampus NewsBrandman University, a private nonprofit institution, has teamed up with Credly, provider of platforms for managing lifelong credentials, in an effort to enable learners to attain, manage, and share portable digital badges and credentials earned through Brandman’s online competency-based degree programs. More...

11 janvier 2015

The Value Problem in Digital Badging Joshua Kim. Badging in higher ed is one of those topics where my understanding falls short of my curiosity.  It is for this reason that I asked my colleagues Mike Goudzwaard and Michael Evans if they would be willing to write a guest post on some of the issues around badging that our IHE community should be discussing.   Mike G. is an Instructional Designer and Michael E. is a Neukom Fellow in the Neukom Institute for Computational Science, and together they are leading the discussion of digital badging our institution. Read more...

27 décembre 2014

Article at the Open Badges in Education workshop

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Article at the Open Badges in Education workshop
Hans Põldoja,, 2014/12/24
Post linking to an article on the use of open badges in education. Covers badges briefly and most notably, identifies the following use patterns (quoted from the post):

  • composite badges can be achieved by completing multiple assignments;
  • activity-based badges can be awarded automatically based on measurable learning activities;
  • grade-based badges are based on the grades that the learners have received;
  • hierarchical badges are divided to several levels, some of which may be composite badges based on lower level badges. More...
7 décembre 2014

iDEA Programme Badges – Recognising Digital Skills

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. iDEA Programme Badges – Recognising Digital Skills
Andrew Robertson, Microsoft UK Schools Blog, 2014/12/02

So, should you be given a badge for instantiating a particular political perspective, or espousing a particular philosophy? One would think not. But this program comes dangerously close to that line, close enough that it gives pause for thought. More...

7 décembre 2014

Can Digital ‘Badges’ and ‘Nanodegrees’ Protect Job Seekers From a First-Round Knockout?

subscribe todayBy Steve Kolowich. Hiring managers look at each résumé for an average of six seconds, according to a 2012 study by TheLadders, a job-hunting website.
In those six seconds, the recruiter looks at the applicant’s name, information about current and previous jobs, and education. Then a quick yes or no, and it’s on to the next one. More...

15 novembre 2014

Mozilla Open Badges

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mozilla Open Badges
Various authors, Mozilla, 2014/11/14

If you want to get started with badges and don't know where to start, this is the place to start. It's the Mozilla Open Badges wiki page, and it has the basic information, likes to starter kits, and links to a bunch of other resources. "A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. More...

21 septembre 2014

Interested in digital badges? 9 critical issues to consider

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . The promise of digital badges for alternative credentials and skills pathways has not been lost on higher education; yet, there are many concerns—from business, faculty, and students—on the design, and use, of these badges for real meaning. A new framework condenses these concerns into nine critical questions concerning digital badges. More...

27 août 2014

Des attestations de suivi de cours disponibles sur la plateforme FUN

Accueil France Université Numérique - FUNLa plateforme FUN délivre progressivement des "attestations de suivi avec succès" aux apprenants ayant satisfait aux exigences requises par les MOOCs qu’ils ont suivis.
Une étape importante dans l’aventure des MOOCs de la plateforme FUN vient d’être franchie. Certains cours donnent aujourd’hui lieu à une attestation de suivi avec succès pour tous les inscrits ayant obtenu les notes requises, définies préalablement par les équipes pédagogiques de chacun des MOOCs.
Les attestations sont délivrées quelques semaines après la fin du cours, des délais supplémentaires étant à prévoir selon le type d’activités évaluées de certains MOOCs. Libellé au nom que chaque apprenant a renseigné lors de son inscription, ce document est accessible depuis son tableau de bord sur la plateforme FUN.
Attention ! À l’heure actuelle, les formations suivies sur la plateforme FUN ne peuvent pas être valorisées en heures de formation auprès d’une entreprise, et ne donnent pas droit à des crédits ECTS. La délivrance de l’attestation de suivi n’a pas donné lieu à une vérification de l’identité de l’apprenant, et ne peut garantir que les tests ont bien été passés sans aide extérieure.
Dans le cadre des évolutions futures de la plateforme, l’équipe FUN travaille avec les établissements afin qu’ils puissent bientôt proposer des certificats, dont les modalités d’obtention restent à définir. Voir l'article...

4 août 2014

#nanodegree #badges #lifelong learning thoughts

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The new Udacity and AT&T initiative rolling out nanodegrees for people who follow specific MOOC or online courses in general has a logical and nice ring to it. The idea is simple: for all learners following a course successfully (= as indicated by the institute/corporation designing the course and its interactions/assignments/tasks), a nanodegree can be earned that illustrate immediate job skills and knowledge. This earning does cost: 200 $ per month (courses on average 6 - 12 months), but it is much cheaper then a college degree. As such Udacity goes for the corporate MOOC creation which (in part) addresses training people for specific jobs through MOOC. Smart move of course from Udacity to corner the more entrepreneurial need job/training market. And although other MOOC providers, such as Coursera do have similar tracks (i.e. specializations), Udacity seems to be a fore runner for this type of MOOCs. Read more...
25 avril 2014

Exploring the Role of Credentials Versus Degrees Devon Haynie. Will digital badges and certificates replace traditional degrees?
Completing a traditional degree isn’t the only pathway into the STEM workforce. Increasingly, workers have various ways of proving their skills to employers, including through earning certificates, digital badges, Massive Open Online Courses and a range of other options. Read more...
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