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23 novembre 2017

The Evolving Demographics of South Africa’s Professors

HomeBy Jack Grove for Times Higher Education. Black academics will outnumber white academics within a decade. But progress has been greater at historically black institutions than predominantly white ones. More...

21 novembre 2017

Top university’s law programme under existential threat

When it comes to teaching law, the University of Cape Town is ranked in the top 100 universities internationally. Yet in a shock move, South Africa’s Council on Higher Education last week informed the university’s law faculty that it is in danger of losing accreditation for its bachelor of laws programme unless certain conditions focusing on transformation are met, writes Rebecca Davis for Daily Maverick. More...
21 novembre 2017

What the Treasury hijacking means for HE and beyond

South Africa has been rocked by news that President Jacob Zuma has bulldozed the country’s National Treasury to adopt a fee-free higher education proposal without following standard process and scrutiny. This is reportedly what’s behind the resignation of the Treasury’s respected head of budgeting, Michael Sachs. The Conversation Africa's Sibonelo Radebe asked Seán Muller to weigh up the implications. More...
21 novembre 2017

More practical training – A growing call in HE

By Sam Otieno and Esther Nakkazi. Current higher education policies which prioritise numbers of students over education quality and relevance are creating long-term labour market dysfunction and an oversupply of graduates with limited employment opportunities, according to an agricultural education expert. More...
21 novembre 2017

The rise of smart cities – Openings for higher education

By Wagdy Sawahel. Africa is the next frontier for innovation in the smart cities arena, according to a 2017 report entitled The Smart Cities Blueprint 2017. What are the implications for higher education. More...
21 novembre 2017

AU moves to expedite Africa-wide quality assurance project

By Maina Waruru. The African Union Commission, or AUC, is working jointly with UNESCO to expedite the ratification and implementation of the Addis Convention on the recognition of academic qualifications in higher education in African states, as part of the much-awaited Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework. More...
21 novembre 2017

Army takeover disrupts university lectures, examinations

By Kudzai Mashininga. The University of Zimbabwe deferred examinations scheduled for Wednesday, and at least two other universities advised students to stay at home last week, according to news reports and local sources. This came as the military staged what appeared to be a coup to end President Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule. More...
21 novembre 2017

Court scraps pre-bar exam for law school entry

By Gilbert Nakweya. A Kenyan high court has outlawed the controversial pre-bar examinations administered by the Kenya School of Law under the advocates training programme aimed at law graduates from local universities. More...
21 novembre 2017

University eyes alumni to boost coffers after budget cut

By Rodrigue Rwirahira. The University of Rwanda is pinning its hopes on the generosity of the university’s graduates currently working in the private sector to provide funding to make up for a substantial shortfall in the institution’s budget, occasioned by government cuts. More...
21 novembre 2017

Universities brace for workforce review and job cuts

By Gilbert Nganga. The Kenyan government has kicked off a fresh round of audits of state universities which will see campus closures, prosecution of top managers in defaulting institutions, massive job cuts and a radical change in the conditions of service for lower-level and non-teaching staff. More...
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