24 août 2019

Volkswagen’s Electric Car Moonshot and Higher Ed in 2028

By Joshua Kim. There are two websites that I never miss a day visiting. The first is the site you are on now. The second is elecktrek.co. More...

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23 août 2019

Three Tips for Managing Website Chaos

Managing a university website without governance is like trying to manage gunslingers in the Wild West. You need a sheriff, deputies and basic laws to clear things up. Saddle up and hang on. More...

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09 août 2019

Accéder aux webservices Opcalia

logo opcaliaOpcabox est le portail extranet sécurisé d’Opcalia. Il permet à chaque entreprise adhérente d’accéder à son compte formation et à un ensemble de webservices. Plus...

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03 août 2019

CNFPT - Les webinaires

Retour à l'accueilDepuis janvier 2017, le CNFPT propose des webinaires : des conférences en ligne sous forme de classe virtuelle. Le webinaire permet de réunir en temps réel sur internet des participants et un formateur ou une formatrice, qui peuvent notamment se voir, discuter, partager des documents, des vidéos, à propos d’un thème précis et sur une durée d’une à deux heures.
Pour la plupart, ces webinaires sont combinés avec des sessions en présentiel (formations mixtes) que vous pouvez retrouver dans notre offre de formation. Plus...

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12 juillet 2019

10 Definitions of Web 2.0 and Their Shortcomings

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ian Delaney[Edit][Delete]: 10 Definitions of Web 2.0 and Their Shortcomings, twopointouch [Edit][Delete] August 21, 2006
The correct answer is, of course, that Web 2.0 is a little of all of those definitions (as one commenter offers, the idea of trying for a definition at all may be misplaced, a la Wittgenstein). My own definition, if it could be called that, identifies the salient features of a network (like this) found in the new internet technologies and offers four standards of good practice: openness, diversity, autonomy, and connectivity. Of course, these are rough approximations too. More...

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Webcasts a Boon to School Sports

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: Webcasts a Boon to School Sports, ESchool News [Edit][Delete] August 18, 2006
This article looks at "the little Ivy League" sports team, but from my perspective, where webcasting will be just huge is in the broadcasting and recording of high school and minor league sports. Oh sure, the production values (especially at first) will be awful, but as students develop expertise at a younger and younger age, the broadcasts will become more slick and more popular - at least, with their friends and family. Oh, and the television networks discussed in this article? Who needs them? Forget the Ivy league. Forget ESPN. More...

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The Semantic Web and the Online Educational Experience

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Andy Carvin[Edit][Delete]: The Semantic Web and the Online Educational Experience, PBS TeacherSource [Edit][Delete] November 3, 2006
Andy Carvin takes the occasion of the launching of the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) to discuss how the Semantic Web will change the way the web works. It's not a bad discussion, but I think it misses a very important difference between Web 2.0, properly so-called, and the Semantic Web, properly so-called. And that is this: the latter depends largely on formal specifications involving a lot of overhead, such as schemas, ontologies, web services, and the like. But Web 2.0 was developed using very simple and often informal protocols, such as RSS, FOAF and REST. There is room, of course, for the two approaches to co-exist and even communicate. Still, the semantic web is an enterprise-heavy approach, while Web 2.0 is the populist approach, and there is an ongoing tension between the two. More...

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08 juillet 2019

Métiers du web : le double discours de l’administration

Focus RH - Gestion de carrière et évolution professionnellePar Sylvain Tillon. Après le Graal d’Indiana Jones et les gemmes d’infinité des Avengers, les développeurs sont sans doute l’un des trésors les plus recherchés actuellement. En France comme ailleurs, ils représentent une perle rare et la demande dépasse l’offre depuis plusieurs années. Plus...

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06 juillet 2019

What Makes a Higher Education Website Great?

https://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/media/CTA-IHE-banner640-150.png?itok=VxlaUtWrGreat design and cool technology alone don’t make a higher ed website great. They’re wasted if the site isn’t getting results. More...

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05 juillet 2019

Continuing to Play Around With Webtops

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mark Oehlert[Edit][Delete]: Continuing to Play Around With Webtops, E-Clippings [Edit][Delete] July 17, 2006
I think Mark Oehlert has a point here when he says they are the interface of the future, and not only because webtops are so similar to the old Netscape Netcenters. No, rather, it's because what we are seeing in the commercial products - 30Boxes, PageFlakes, ProtoPage, Goowy - is remarkably similar to what we are seeing (in concept, at least) in personal learning environments. More...

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