24 août 2016

No Visa, No Problem For Mexicans in Canada?

Best Masters Degrees & Masters Programs 2016By Joanna Hughes. Canada’s government recently announced plans to lift visa requirements in order to bolster relations with Mexico, according to a press release from Canada’s office of the Prime Minister. When will the change take effect and what does it mean for students? Let’s take a closer look. More...

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23 août 2016

Trump Proposes Ideological Test for Entry to U.S.

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Republican candidate proposes a system for admittance to U.S. that critics say violates American and academic principles. Read more...

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18 juillet 2016

Sliding doors – Securing study visas to South Africa

By Jenny J Lee. Study visas are essential yet often overlooked when it comes to higher education internationalisation policies and planning. While international students must be admitted by a host institution and its host country, these are separate and often uncoordinated processes. More...

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17 juillet 2016

Homeland Security Publishes Final Guidance on Conditional Admission

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. New final guidance issued Wednesday prohibits universities from issuing I-20 forms -- the legal document that international students need in order to apply for visas -- based on conditional admission. Read more...

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15 juillet 2016

African envoys call for 'flexible' visa norms in India

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "timesofindia.indiatimes.com logo"By PTI. African envoys today made a strong pitch for making the Indian visa regime more flexible, especially for students and diplomats.
Sola Enikanolaiye, acting High Commissioner of Nigeria, said countries like China, Brazil and South Africa have an agreement with African countries which makes the visa process hassle-free. More...

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Almost 50% of Indian student visas declined

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "rotorua-daily-post logo"By Stephanie Arthur-Worsop. Rotorua's largest tertiary provider has had the highest percentage of Indian student visa applications in the country approved, even though almost half were declined.
Waiariki Institute of Technology had a 48 per cent decline rate in the last 10 months for Indian student visas, below the national average of 50.4 per cent. More...

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13 juillet 2016

Australia: devil is in the detail for SSVF

By Beckie Smith. Australia’s Simplified Student Visa Framework, announced last year, came into force this month, promising to level the playing field by enabling students across all education sectors to access streamlined visa processing. More...

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10 juillet 2016

Enquête: les bénéficiaires des Visas Libres Savoirs plébiscitent leur formation

http://www.etoile.regioncentre.fr/jsp/jahia/templates/etoile/etoile_templates/css/img/header/logo_etoile.pngPar Conseil régional du Centre-Val de Loire (NR). Un outil précieux : les Visas Libres savoirs permettent de développer de nouvelles compétences ou connaissances de base.
Voilà ce qui ressort de la première enquête de satisfaction sur les formations régionales aux savoirs de base réalisée par la Région entre juin 2015 et janvier 2016. Cette opération s’inscrit plus globalement dans la démarche qualité initiée par l’institution régionale. Voir l'article...

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Des Visas Trois en Un pour accompagner le plan national «1 million de formations» pour les personnes en recherche d’emploi

http://www.etoile.regioncentre.fr/jsp/jahia/templates/etoile/etoile_templates/css/img/header/logo_etoile.pngPar Région Centre-Val de Loire (Kogito). La Région Centre-Val de Loire s’est engagée ce jour-là à créer 12 000 places de formation supplémentaires pour accompagner le plan national « 1 million de formations pour les personnes en recherche d’emploi ». Parmi ces places nouvelles : des Visas Trois en Un (Communication écrite et orale, mathématiques et apprendre à apprendre - Droit Commun et FOAD) : 2252 de plus par rapport aux 6847 programmés au titre du programme régional de formation 2016. Voir l'article...

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01 juillet 2016

Student visa fraud: universities and governments ‘must be proactive’

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Student visa fraud: universities and governments ‘must be proactive’
Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 2016/06/13

I don't think Canada needs any lessons on supposed 'visa fraud' from the Times of London, participarly when the only evidence offered seems to be the way we run our decentralized education system. More...

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