17 décembre 2016

Santa Fe Community College Becomes 'Sanctuary Campus'

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The governing board for Santa Fe Community College approved a resolution last week designating the institution a “sanctuary campus” for undocumented immigrant students. Read more...

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16 décembre 2016

Ottawa announces plans to fast-track visas and work permits for skilled foreign workers

Our LondonBy Roger Belgrave. The federal government used a fast-growing Mississauga biopharmaceutical company as the backdrop to announce plans to accelerate the visa and work permit process for highly-skilled sought after foreign workers and companies willing to make major job-creating investments in Canada. Read more...

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14 décembre 2016

Canada has overhauled its immigration process for international students

Canadian Business – Your Source For Business NewsBy . Canada’s government today announced major changes to Express Entry, the system under which most immigrants obtain permanent residence here. Read more...

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09 décembre 2016

SA: student visas extended amid campus protests

By Beckie Smith. In light of widespread anxiety over the delays recent on-campus unrest and university closures in South Africa could cause to international students’ graduation dates, the government has granted a three-month extension to all undergraduate and postgraduate students whose visas are due to expire this year. More...

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Australia: assistant minister intervenes as SSVF brings visa delays

By Beckie Smith. Australia’s assistant minister for immigration and border protection, Alex Hawke, has been forced to step in to address visa delays that struck the international education sector after the introduction of the Simplified Student Visa Framework in July. More...

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UK immigration policy may be targeting ‘phantom’ international students

By Beckie Smith. The Home Office could be targeting international students who don’t exist in its attempts to drive down net migration figures, according to the Institute For Public Policy Research. More...

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08 décembre 2016

May: UK won’t relax Indian visas until abuse curbed

By Natalie Marsh. UK Prime Minister Theresa May in India this week has dismissed calls for a more liberal visa system for Indians at the India-UK tech summit, saying that the government must first concentrate on reducing the number of Indian overstayers. More...

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South Africa: visa settlement ‘defining moment’ for ESL industry

By Natalie Marsh. A settlement has been reached between the South African government and Education South Africa following court proceedings, after last year’s worrying declines in ESL enrolments due to a visa policy impasse, the organisation announced today. More...

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07 décembre 2016

South African gov relaxes rules on student visa extensions amid campus closures

By Sara Custer. The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa has agreed to relax rules around visa extensions for thousands of final year international students potentially affected by widespread protests on university campuses across the country. More...

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Pan-African passport could ease student mobility

By Maina Waruru. The African Union is mooting a passport that would allow visa-free movement for citizens of African countries across the continent, following country-level trends of abolishing visa requirements for African nationalities. More...

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