08 janvier 2020

US: legal issues over social media vetting

By Will Nott. US visa rules, which require international students to register details of their social media accounts, will be challenged in court by two documentary film organisations. More...

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20 décembre 2019

Canada removes biometrics exemption for in-country int’l students

By Callan Quinn. The biometrics requirement exemption for students already in Canada ended this week, the latest change in a series of updates from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada government agency. More...

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12 décembre 2019

Trump discusses ‘smart person’s waiver’

By Callan Quinn. President Trump has acknowledged flaws in the US’s work visa system for international graduates during a press conference in Osaka, Japan, and discussed the creation of a new “smart person’s” waiver system. More...

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Canada rolls out biometrics for all amid concerns for accessibility

By Claudia Civinini. As of December 31, Canada’s biometric collection program has been expanded to Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, and stakeholders in Canada have expressed concern for the potential impact that new biometric requirements could have. More...

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11 décembre 2019

US H1-B policies put startups at a disadvantage, study finds

By Claudia Civinini. US visa policies may be preventing foreign PhDs from working in startups in favour of larger companies, restricting startups’ access to a talented workforce and hampering their ability to contribute to innovation and economic growth, a new study has found. More...

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Work in France

Demandez une autorisation provisoire de travail
Etudiants étrangers ou employeurs, faites votre demande d’autorisation provisoire de travail en quelques clics avec Work in France.
Le service s'ouvre progressivement. Vérifiez que l'adresse qui figure sur le document autorisant le séjour en France est dans un des départements ouverts. Plus...

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05 décembre 2019

Dream could be deferred for Rhodes scholar

By Patrick Atack. A US Rhodes scholar has voiced concerns over his re-entry to the United States after a period of study at the University of Oxford, due to his precarious immigration status. More...

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02 décembre 2019

The H1-B visa: Are the winds of change blowing in DC?

By Beckie Smith. How do you solve a problem like H-1B? This is a puzzle employers, politicians and educators in the US have been trying to solve. In recent years, US Citizenship and Immigration Services have received enough visa applications to fill every slot in the lottery within just a few days. In FY18, there were 199,000 applications to fill 85,000 places. More...

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31 octobre 2019

Australia’s temporary graduate visa attracts international students, but many find it hard to get work in their field

The ConversationThe number of international students who stay in Australia after graduating on the temporary graduate visa – often referred to as the 485 visa – is growing fast. There were nearly 92,000 temporary graduate visa holders in Australia as of June, 2019. That’s up from from around 71,000 in June 2018 – a 29% increase. More...

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27 octobre 2019

Iranian Students Report Last-Minute Visa Revocations

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. At least a dozen Iranian students who were headed to U.S. universities to start graduate programs in engineering and computer science say their visas were revoked at the last minute, The New York Times reported. More...

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