24 décembre 2017

#getfried Fry Café announces new deals

University Business Magazine logo#getfried Fry Cafe, a quick-serve restaurant franchise that offers a variety of topped French fries and finger foods, is experiencing explosive growth throughout the country, with locations currently in development throughout Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Santa Clara and Egypt. More...

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22 décembre 2017

Save on student life: four ways to split the bill with housemates

The Guardian homeEvery student flat has witnessed its share of messy breakups, mouldy pans and Whatsapp fights over unpaid bills. But if you get on with your housemates, you can save money by splitting costs with them. More...

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I spent half my student days in chicken shops. Just as worthwhile as a seminar

The Guardian homeAt university I always felt like I was studying for two degrees. “You’d better not be submitting any of that Chicken Shack, Amelia,” my tutor would say during seminars, much to my embarrassment. More...

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02 décembre 2017

Universités & Territoires n° 121 - La Smerra ou les bénéfices d’une bonne alimentation

Universités & TerritoiresUniversités & Territoires est une lettre électronique qui existe depuis juin 2003. L’objectif de la lettre est de montrer, par la valorisation d’actions et d’expériences emblématiques et remarquables, aux décideurs territoriaux que l’Université joue un rôle centrale dans l’émergence d’une société de la connaissance. Universités & Territoires n° 121

La Smerra ou les bénéfices d’une bonne alimentation
D’après l’enquête santé nationale emeVia, « La santé des étudiants », en 2015, 30% des étudiants consomment des légumes seulement 3 à 4 fois par semaine, alors qu’ils sont 62,5% à juger leur alimentation équilibrée. Ces étudiants souffrent parfois de carences dans leur alimentation, dues à des moyens financiers limités.
Voir la suite dans Universités & Territoires n° 121

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27 novembre 2017

Framingham State to open food pantry for students

University Business Magazine logoFramingham State University will open a free food pantry after a survey showed that some students struggle to afford food, are skipping meals or suffering in class because of hunger. More...

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Celebrity chef to serve as Sodexo’s Culinary Ambassador at Northwestern

University Business Magazine logoSodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, in partnership with Northwestern University Dining, today announced that one of Chicago’s own celebrity chefs and owner of The Purple Pig, Jimmy Bannos, Jr., will serve as Northwestern Dining’s new culinary ambassador for the upcoming school year. More...

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26 novembre 2017

Chandeliers, cinema and 24/7 gym – student digs at up to £19k a year

The Guardian homeFancy apartment blocks are springing up in university cities. How much do the lucky student tenants mingle with their peers. More...

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23 octobre 2017

Pfeiffer University lets dogs move in

University Business LogoStudents heading to Pfeiffer University can bring a piece of home with them through a pet-friendly residence hall. More...

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22 octobre 2017

Colleges offer aid for the unexpected

University Business Magazine logoMore than 500 colleges and universities provide some type of resource to help students address unexpected financial emergencies, according to a 2016 study by NASPA. More...

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Nudge, nudge: mind tricks to stretch your student budget

The Guardian homeNudge techniques have been used by behavioural economists to improve health and safety, get people to pay their taxes on time, and even to make men pee straight. They could also help you manage your finances at university – and the best part? It takes very little effort to implement them. More...

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