07 septembre 2014

Vocational education is making a comeback

eCampus NewsBy . The future is bright as traditional academic institutions and vocational schools are reinventing how students learn. When you think about vocational education, you might conjure up a picture of a mechanic or a carpenter. Historically, vocational education, rooted in learning a particular skill set, was positioned in direct contrast with traditional higher-education learning, based primarily on academic theory. More...

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31 août 2014

Got skills? Retooling vocational education

FOR decades vocational education has suffered from the twin curses of low status and limited innovation. Politicians have equated higher education with traditional universities of the sort that they themselves attended. Parents have steered children away from “shop class”. And vocational studies have been left to languish: the detritus of an industrial era rather than the handmaiden of a new economy. More...

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16 août 2014

The key to solving the skills gap is to let colleges deliver higher education

The Guardian homeBy Carole Kitching. There is a clear role for colleges in the higher education market, developing vocational and technical degrees for local and regional economies. Employers, ministers and the Confederation of British Industry all agree on one thing – unless we can make significant inroads into plugging the skills gap, long-term economic recovery is doomed. Read more...

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Vocational courses can provide a clear route into work

The Guardian homeBy Lucy Hodges. Subjects with vocational elements such as nursing and business studies are becoming ever-more popular. The most popular subjects to study at university are those that give students a clear route into work – nursing and business studies, according to Ucas figures. Read more...

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09 juillet 2014

Work-based learning - Thessaloniki, Greece, 21 octobre - 22 octobre 2014

Designing, implementing and supporting effective work-based learning in continuing vocational education and training
This workshop is addressed to European and national policy-makers, including social partners, and other key stakeholders working in the field of continuing vocational education and training (CVET) such as human resources managers, training providers and researchers.
Through presentations and interactive sessions, the workshop aims to share new knowledge and practical experience in work-based learning and to discuss their implications for policy and practice.
The focus is on:

1. Effective use of work-based learning in CVET in firms;

2. How public policy and new forms of governance can support good practice.

Proposals (MS word file) should be sent to alessia.demartino@cedefop.europa.eu, by 23.05.2014.
For more information on the workshop and call for papers "Designing, implementing and supporting effective work-based learning in continuing vocational education and training". Voir l'article...

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07 juillet 2014

Workforce Development in the VET Sector

LH Martin InstituteBy Anne Dening. The National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development called for the halving of the number of Australians aged 20 to 64 who do not have qualifications at a certificate III level and above, and doubling the number of higher level qualification completions by 2020. This goal is very ambitious and will require growth in the VET sector over this period of time if the target is to be met. It is further acknowledged that workforce participation rates must also rise as the large number of those nearing retirement leave the full time workforce; even if some of this group are persuaded that it is their interests to work until they are 70. The increase in participation can only be achieved if those currently unemployed and/or currently not qualified for work can be trained to achieve these skills levels and qualifications and contribute to the economy. More...

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04 juillet 2014

Cedefop and DG EAC take stock of policy developments

Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational TrainingHow shall Europe maximise the potential of vocational education and training (VET) to address its long-term strategic goals? This question will be the focus of a conference organised by Cedefop and the European Commission in September.
Building European VET – Time to move on will be based on the results of Cedefop’s VET monitoring report on progress toward the aims of the common EU strategy on VET, as set out in the Bruges Communiqué (2010). More...

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29 juin 2014

Presenting VET to the Commission

Cedefop - European Centre for the Development of Vocational TrainingOver 35 people working at the European Commission took part at a lunchtime presentation of Cedefop and its work, organised by the Directorate General Education and Culture (DG EAC) on 20 June, in Brussels.
Cedefop Director James Calleja focused on the agency’s role in helping the Commission devise and implement vocational education and training (VET) policies and analysed the parameters for 2015’s work programme.
Senior expert Eleonora Schmid informed participants about the findings of the 2014 VET policy monitoring report, which will be the theme of a special conference in Thessaloniki, in September.
During the discussion that followed, Commission colleagues from DG EAC and DG Employment enquired how Cedefop could further support Member States in view of the recently launched apprenticeship reviews in Malta and Lithuania. More...

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22 juin 2014

German Students Snub Vocational Schools

By Six-Year Decline Threatens Productivity, Exports. Forget the strong euro or competition from Asia. German industry's main concern today isn't selling its products but finding the people to make them.
The country's 200-year-old two-tier education system, credited for building one of the most productive workforces on the planet, is sputtering as young Germans increasingly shun vocational schools—the gateway to manufacturing careers—for universities. More...

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German Students Shun Vocational Training

HomeGerman high school graduates are increasingly shunning vocational training in favor of attending universities, The Wall Street Journal reported. Government officials said on Friday that new data show that 2013 was the sixth consecutive year in which there was a decline in the number of high school students seeking vocational training. Read more...

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