22 janvier 2015

Italy - training and occupational outcomes of higher technical education and training

HomeWithin the so-called long chain of job-oriented technical and vocational education and training (VET) a major role is played by recently-reformed higher technical education and training pathways (IFTS - Istruzione e formazione tecnica superiore). Alongside higher technical institutes (ITS - Istituti Tecnici Superiori), IFTS aim at strengthening technical and technological skills and know-how, while accounting for a relevant part of the national curriculum. More...

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Netherlands - positive results with public-private partnerships in Dutch vocational education and training (VET)

HomeIn the Netherlands, recent efforts to develop public-private partnerships (PPPs) in VET led to creation of centres of expertise in higher vocational education (HBO) and centres for innovative craftsmanship (Centra voor Innovatieve Vakmanschap) in senior secondary vocational education (MBO). More...

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Lithuania - action plans for developing vocational education and training and non-formal adult education

HomeIn autumn 2014, the Lithuanian Minister for Education and Science approved two important action plans establishing directions for long-term development and financing of vocational education and training (VET) and non-formal adult education.
1. Action plan for VET development 2014–16
This action plan provides general directions for VET development and identifies related projects. More...

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10 janvier 2015

Cedefop turns 40!

HomeIn 2015, Cedefop celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation – and the 20th of its relocation from Berlin to Thessaloniki. A series of events have been planned throughout the year to mark this milestone.
The celebrations will culminate in June, in Thessaloniki, with a conference linked to the annual Cedefop Governing Board meeting.
‘Old roots for new routes’ is the anniversary theme, which draws inspiration from the past to continue the work of improving vocational education and training (VET).
A special edition of Cedefop’s magazine Skillset and Match, in May, will explore VET’s accomplishments in the past 40 years and its future challenges.
We have also created a new visual identity which will be applied to all our material throughout 2015. The identity is based on the anniversary theme and the roots of European modern art - Bauhaus and constructivism of the early 20th century. Both art movements remain fresh and progressive, just like Cedefop!
Watch this space for more information on a year of exciting events and publications.

Cedefop 40th anniversary corporate identity concept EN. More...

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18 décembre 2014

China, NZ sign qualification and VET agreements

By Beckie Smith. The governments of New Zealand and China aim to broaden qualification recognition and VET collaborations after signing two agreements that they say will also enhance student mobility between the two countries. More...

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07 décembre 2014

Glass Ceiling Strengthened by Movement Toward Vocational Education

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. One of the things that I worry a little bit about when I see an increase in attention towards technical careers is that it is really, really important that students learn how to think critically. For me, it’s really important to have a degree program that gives a good balance and also provide some really tangible skills. Sometimes, with some of the highly technical or vocational programs, you don’t get those critical thinking skills. More...

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Report: What’s wrong with vocational ed?

eCampus NewsBy  - . The report, published by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, estimates that while one third of all job vacancies will call for some degree of post-secondary qualifications by 2018 in the United States, traditional four-year degrees will not necessarily be required; leading to a boom in vocational ed. More...

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06 décembre 2014

Malta - NCFHE launches consultation on VET and HE policy

HomeIn July 2014, the national commission for further and higher education (NCFHE) launched a consultation on vocational education and training (VET) and higher education (HE) policy in Malta. More...

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Latvia - present state of structural reforms in vocational education

HomeIn 2010, the cabinet of ministers (CoM) approved the Guidelines for optimisation of a vocational education establishment network for 2010-15. These guidelines aim to modernise vocational education provision and increase quality and availability of vocational education in regions. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce numbers of State vocational schools (from 59 to 30), and to strengthen capacity of the remaining schools. More...

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Estonia - new occupational qualification standards for vocational teachers

HomeThis autumn the Estonian Qualifications Authority will present new occupational qualification standards (OQS) for vocational teachers to be approved by the Sector Skills Council of Education.
Currently, there are OQS for vocational teachers on three levels of the Estonian qualifications framework – EstQF (and EQF): levels 5, 6 and 7, but according to the Professions Act, all occupational standards have to be competence-based and have to fit EstQF levels by 2014. Therefore a revision of the current standard is required. More...

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