13 septembre 2015

Vocational Programs Cost More

By Matt Reed. Vocational programs cost more.
If I could hammer home a single sentence to the "too many students go to college" crowd, that would be it. More...

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03 septembre 2015

Opportunities for higher education under Erasmus+ VET funding

Most higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK will already be well-versed about Erasmus+ through securing funding for their students to gain international experience under the programme's Key Action 1 for higher education mobility. But they might not be so familiar with the vocational education and training (VET) funding opportunities available to them when looking to send learners abroad on a work- based placement.
Under Erasmus+, VET traineeships are open to apprentices and students in vocational training institutions. They enable these learners to do a vocational training placement in another country. More...

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28 août 2015

Call for Proposals on Continuing Professional Development for teachers and trainers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour The ETF (European Training Foundation) is looking for proposals to design, deliver, evaluate and disseminate projects related to Continuing Professional Development for teachers and trainers in Vocational Education and Training in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. More...

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Lithuania - modularisation of VET curricula

HomeThe national project Formation of qualifications and development of modular vocational education and training (VET) (Kvalifikacijų formavimas ir modulinio profesinio mokymo sistemos kūrimas), launched in 2010, has now entered its final phase. More...

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Netherlands - more appreciation for workmanship

HomeGood vocational education and training (VET) is the basis of a learning economy and plays a crucial role in strengthening society’s innovative capacity, according to the Netherlands scientific council for government policy (Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid, WRR). More...

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Portugal - new measure Reativar

HomeThe Reativar (reactivate) measure, established by decree no 86/2015, aims to promote reintegration of long-term (more than 12 months) and very long-term unemployed, over 30 years of age through work placements lasting 6 months. More...

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22 août 2015

TANDEM - Flexible pathways connecting VET and HE by taking into consideration

Globalisation dictates that EU2020 will only succeed if member states bring out the best of people and their potential and extend education opportunities for all people. TANDEM is designed to contribute to the debate on reform by drawing lessons from already existing good practices of consortiums' partners and strengthening the connection between policymakers and practitioners, business and educational community. The title, TANDEM, intends to emphasize the synchrony and efficiency of business, VET and HE actors by acting together for high quality VET aligned with regional and global labour market demands to proactively respond to emerging skills shortages. More...

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Connect-VET - Vocational education and training connecting HE and rural companies

VET has a unique position between more theoretical HE and practice. It is typically an operator, who could have the skills both to understand the research information and implement it to the practice. Especially in rural areas the VET's role has also changed from the traditional educator to important regional expert organisation and developer. VET is an important link to the expertise especially for small and micro companies to whom it is often the only expert organization available. More...

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21 août 2015

Cedefop > What we do

HomeThe right VET policies depend on understanding how economies, societies and people are changing.
Cedefop works to strengthen European cooperation and provide the evidence on which to base European VET policy. Cedefop’s added value is the high quality of its comparative analyses and expertise gathered through research and networking. More...

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Cedefop - Projects - VET in Europe

HomeVET in Europe is the most comprehensive information resource on vocational education and training (VET) systems in Europe. ReferNet, Cedefop’s European network, provides descriptions of national VET systems in the European Union, Norway and Iceland based on a common template designed by Cedefop.
European cooperation in VET (the Copenhagen process) considers the rich diversity of national systems and stakeholders in Member States, EFTA-EEA countries and candidate countries. It builds its success on a flexible approach for sharing experiences, working towards common goals and learning from best practices using the 'open method of coordination'.
Understanding national VET systems, their characteristics, developments and priorities is key for cooperation. With VET in Europe, Cedefop collects reviews and disseminates up-to-date comprehensive information on education and training systems through three main products:

Contact details: Cedefop Policy analysis team. More...

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