24 mai 2017

Work placements to increase HE ‘professionalisation’

The higher education ministry has introduced a new system of university work placements to increase the ‘professionalisation’ of higher education through a partnership with businesses to improve the provision of work experience in university courses. More...

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Tapping into the power of technical education

By Munyaradzi Makoni. African technical universities can help to add value to primary commodities and other natural resources, support economic transformation, provide technology solutions to small and medium enterprises, and contribute to wealth creation as part of enhancing technical and vocational education and training, or TVET, on the continent. More...

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27 avril 2017

Spotlight on Vocational Training

HomeBy Paul Fain. Demand surges for graduates of career and technical programs at two-year colleges, yet vocational education continues to struggle with an image problem and a deep gender imbalance.
Career and vocational education is en vogue, as Republicans who dominate Washington and most state capitols have been touting job training over the bachelor’s degree. But community college leaders say vocational training is sorely in need of an image makeover. More...

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18 avril 2017

Semaine européenne de promotion de la Formation Professionnelle Qualifiante Initiale et Continue

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

La semaine européenne de promotion de la Formation Professionnelle Qualifiante Initiale et Continue qui a été organisée début décembre 2016 a connu un tel succès que l'expérience sera réitérée en 2017, entre le 20 et 24 novembre 2017. Voir l'article...

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17 avril 2017

Last available places for policy learning forum on vocational training for the long-term unemployed

Home Are you a ministry official, public or private employment service adviser, vocational education and training (VET) provider or practitioner involved in the design and implementation of recent national/regional policy programmes focused on VET provision and skills matching of the long-term unemployed. More...

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VET data for European countries presented by indicators

Home Have you wondered how many students participate in initial vocational education and training (IVET) in European countries? Or how many enterprises provide training to workers? Cedefop has selected a set of 36 indicators to quantify some key aspects of vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning. More...

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Treaty of Rome anniversary: upholding VET values for the past 60 years

HomeThe Treaty of Rome set up the European Economic Community (EEC) through endorsement of joint policies in distinct areas of interest. Vocational education and training (VET) was explicitly included at social policy level, as stated in Articles 118 and 128. It was specified that the European Commission would promote close cooperation among Member States in matters pertaining to basic and advanced VET. More...

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16 avril 2017

Rising to the challenge

A recent editorial in the Guardian noted that ‘England’s beleaguered vocational education system has been subjected to wave after wave of reform. Yet improving the quality of technical education has eluded governments of all colours.’ More...

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11 avril 2017

Better Marriage Between College and Job Training

HomeBy Paul Fain. In a rare point of agreement, the Trump administration and many academics would like to see less focus on colleges as work force development centers. Read more...

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25 mars 2017

Throwing out the market water with the VET-FEE-HELP baby (Advocate 24 01)

By Paul Kniest. While it is yet be determined whether the new VET Student Loans programme will restore integrity to VET regulation and save the Government more than $25billion over ten years as anticipated, the NTEU is encouraged that the new scheme involves far greater scrutiny of eligible private providers and tighter limits on the value of loans and eligible courses. More...

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