02 juin 2017

Croatia: vocational education and training in focus

Home Vocational education and training (VET) in Croatia has been receiving much attention recently. Specifically in dual vocational education, it is a focus for policy-makers and stakeholders, recognising a need to increase the employability of VET school graduates for whom current indicators are low. More...

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Cedefop’s upcoming policy learning forum on vocational training for the long-term unemployed

Home Cedefop is organising a high-level policy learning forum on vocational training for the long-term unemployed on 15 and 16 June in Thessaloniki. More...

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Cedefop delegation discusses VET cooperation in Croatia

Home A Cedefop delegation headed by Director James Calleja took part in a forum on vocational education and training (VET) promotion in Zagreb on 26 May and met with Croatia’s Minister for Education and Science Pavo Barišić to discuss the ongoing cooperation between the two sides, particularly in the field of apprenticeships. More...

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Poland: two-stage upper secondary VET programmes

Home In December 2016, the Minister of National Education introduced reform that will change the structure of upper secondary VET. It will establish two-stage sectoral VET schools (dwustopniowa szkoła branżowa) replacing the so-called basic vocational schools. More...

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Watch: Malta's VET system in 3'!

Home What is vocational education and training (VET) like in the smallest European Union Member State? Watch our video to get an overview of Malta’s VET system in a nutshell. More...

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Norway: improving post-secondary vocational colleges and student status


The white paper Skilled workers for the future (Fagfolk for fremtiden) presented by the Norwegian Government in December 2016 contains close to 50 measures. Its purpose is to make post-secondary vocational education more attractive as a fully equivalent profession-oriented alternative to university and university college education. It will make it easier for students at post-secondary vocational colleges (ISCED level 4) to continue their education at a university college or university. More...

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Cedefop sets up VET practitioner community to boost quality

Home A community of practitioners to promote quality in vocational education and training (VET) delivery has been set up by Cedefop in close cooperation with the European associations of VET providers active in the cooperative network Vet4EU2. More...

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30 mai 2017

Vocational training is better pathway to jobs – Report

A new report urges parents to seriously consider encouraging their school-leaving children to study a vocational course rather than a university degree because, in many cases, it is a pathway to better jobs, writes Tim Dodd for Financial Review. More...

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26 mai 2017

In Morocco, a Big Push for Vocational Education

By Ursula Lindsey. In early May, at the Institut Specialisé de Technologies Appliquées (Specialized Institute of Applied Technologies) in southwestern Casablanca, dozens of students were gathered at a new career center, a convivial space filled with brightly colored aluminum chairs, particle-board desks and computers. More...

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24 mai 2017

Vocational education lacks long-term strategy – Expert

A leading expert says the AU$1.5 billion (US$1.1 billion) Skilling Australians Fund for vocational education announced in the federal budget is welcome, but Australia needs a longer term strategy to ensure that the vocational side of tertiary education can be expanded to meet student needs, writes Tim Dodd for Financial ReviewMore...

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