09 décembre 2017

Sweden: every tenth Swedish initial VET learner goes abroad

HomeAccording to a report published in 2017 by Statistics Sweden (SCB), every tenth person who has completed initial vocational education and training (VET) and is aged between 18 and 34 years had been abroad for at least two weeks within the framework of his/her upper secondary education. This proportion is much higher than the benchmark of 6% set by the European Union. The report also gives statistics on international mobility for learning purposes and the scope of mobility among Swedish learners. More...

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Latvia: legal framework for modular vocational education and training

HomeVET content division into modules based on learning outcomes has been initiated by the 2010-15 ESF project for developing sectoral qualifications systems and raising the efficiency and quality of VET. The project structured the so-called core occupations, linked occupations and specialisations of 14 sectors according to EQF levels, allowing labour market relevant competences to be acquired in successive modules. More...

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Austria: dual VET modernisation aims to increase digitisation of the economy

HomeDual vocational education and training (VET) plays a major role in Austria. To maintain the attractiveness of this education pathway both for companies and for young people, training contents need to keep pace with the requirements of the economy. This demands that the training ordinances and curricula of part-time vocational schools are revised regularly. The 2017 apprenticeship occupation package (Lehrberufspaket), comprises eight modernised apprenticeships, focusing also on setting up a new framework for digitisation. More...

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Germany: internationalisation strategy

HomeGlobal challenges such as climate change, sustainable energy supply, food security and migration do not stop at national borders. No country can answer these challenges by itself. Solutions can only emerge through transborder cooperation in education, science and research. More...

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European vocational skills week 2017: a celebration of VET

HomeThe second European vocational skills week (20-24 November 2017) has proved to be even more successful than the first one, comprising over 1 500 events in 45 countries (all 28 EU Member States and beyond), and reaching more than 1 million people. More...

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Luxembourg: new personal school progression monitoring tool for VET

Home With eduBoard pupils can check at any moment the modules they need to pass during their training, how many of them they have already passed, and how many they still have to pass to finish their school programme (annual progression, intermediary report, final report). The information available on eduBoard is updated biannually, at the end of the class council. More...

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27 novembre 2017

China's vocational education in bloom with industry integration

University Business Magazine logoAfter an 18-hour contest against 30 competitors from around the world, 21-year-old Hu Ping won the gold medal in Fashion Technology at the 44th WorldSkills Competition. More...

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11 novembre 2017

What is EQAVET? 5 examples of funded projects

European Commission logoEQAVET, short for ‘European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training’, is a community of practice which brings together Member States, social partners and the European Commission to develop and improve quality assurance in VET. It is based on the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework, a key element of European policy for VET, which aims at improving the general quality of VET provision. More...

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Les "disparus" de l’enseignement professionnel

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En Lettonie, chaque année, plus de 5000 élèves, essentiellement des garçons, abandonnent le lycée professionnel sans avoir obtenu de diplôme. Cela représente une perte importante pour le marché du travail letton qui peine à recruter. Plus...

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10 novembre 2017

The future of VET is bright

Home At the meeting of Directors General for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the framework of the Estonian EU Presidency, in Tallinn on 9 and 10 October, Cedefop Director James Calleja argued that the future of VET is bright despite a range of factors which could potentially destabilise the sector. More...

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