01 décembre 2018

Community colleges confront hiring challenges

University Business Magazine logoCommunity colleges have seen a drop in faculty employment applications at the same time those institutions take longer to make new hires, according to a 2017 survey released in October by software provider PowerSchool. More...

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Higher ed elevates CTE

University Business Magazine logoCommunity college leaders who have launched campaigns to rebrand career and technical education say they face a generational challenge. More...

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The Guardian view on civil service jobs: all sorts required

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianDivisions between academic and vocational education are symptomatic of our class-ridden society. Recruiting from a wider pool is a good move. More...

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26 novembre 2018

Boarding Up a Window on Vocational Ed

HomeRescinding the gainful-employment rule will mean important performance data will disappear from public view, write Paul Glastris and Robert Kelchen. More...

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20 novembre 2018

Vocational education can solve oversupply of graduates

By Andrew Norton. In many wealthy countries, including my own of Australia, 40% of young adults are likely to achieve a bachelor degree or above. But policy-makers and others wonder whether we might have too much of a good thing. More...

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14 novembre 2018

Portugal: new study on professional programmes

Home A longitudinal study, published in August 2018, measured the success rate (percentage of learners completing the programme in three years) of professional programmes, (cursos Profissionais). It examined the number of learners that failed to complete the programmes, the number of student transfers to other programmes, and the dropout rate. The study concluded that the success rate of professional programmes increased from 53% in 2014/15 to 60% in 2016/17. More...

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Slovenia: learning materials for VET

Home The joint financing is based on an annual overview of the needs for VET learning materials, prepared by the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET (CPI).  CPI coordinates the preparation of new learning materials, in cooperation with publishers selected by public tender. The government funds authors, while the selected publisher takes care of editing, printing and distribution. Up to 10 titles can be prepared yearly, depending on the volume and complexity of the content. More...

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Scenarios for VET’s future discussed at Cedefop conference in Vienna

Home Over 400 participants discussed the future of vocational education and training (VET) at a conference organised jointly by Cedefop and the European Commission as the centrepiece of the European vocational skills week 2018 on 7 and 8 November in Vienna. More...

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13 novembre 2018

Cedefop at the EfVET annual conference

Home School-enterprise relations, internationalisation strategies of VET colleges, higher VET and higher apprenticeships, industry and innovation 4.0, management and leadership skills, and VET for social inclusion and labour market integration were the themes of the six workshops. More...

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Watch Cedefop's new video on VET's future challenges!

Home Learners, teachers, parents and policy-makers present their views and experiences in Cedefop's video on European vocational education and training's (VET's) future challenges. More...

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