10 février 2019

Cedefop Discovery Tool - Online VET bibliographies

HomeCedefop Discovery Tool
To explore scientific information and open access journals from major sources, selected by Cedefop.

Online VET bibliographies
Thematic VET bibliographies provide access to documents on key VET topics such as skill needs, lifelong learning, guidance, qualifications and much more, in line with Cedefop's work programme.
The main source is our bibliographic database VET-Bib, a tool built for supporting evidenced based policy making in the field of VET in Europe.

Α. Project related bibliographies

B. Thematic bibliographies

C. Sector related bibliographies

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Cedefop VET-Bib database

HomeVET-Bib database
Cedefop’s bibliographical database VET-Bib offers to stakeholders a selective collection of European vocational education and training literature.
It is developed together with Cedefop’s decentralised network ReferNet – European network of reference and expertise, which comprises representatives from the 28 Member States, candidate countries, plus Iceland and Norway.
It includes also key EU documents consulted and needed by Cedefop experts and projects and selected bibliographical information from Cedefop’ projects. More...

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Cedefop Statistics and indicators

HomeVocational education and training (VET), a major part of lifelong learning, is critical to Europe’s effort to reposition itself in the global economy and respond to its major economic and social challenges.
To do this, policy and the policy making process need to be informed and supported by robust and internationally comparable statistics and indicators on, among other things, vocational education and training, adult education and its labour market and business context. More...

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Second policy learning forum on supporting teachers and trainers for VET of the future

HomeCedefop is organising the second policy learning forum (PLF) on developing competences and supporting the professional development of teachers and trainers in vocational education and training (VET). More...

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Thematic Working Group 2: “Learning providers and the EU Mobility: Reinforcing VET attractiveness through Staff engagement”

HomeCedefop is currently organizing the fourth meeting of the Working Group 2: “Learning Providers and the EU Mobility: Reinforcing VET attractiveness through Staff engagementplanned to take place in Aveiro, Portugal on Monday, 8 and Tuesday, 9 April 2019. More...

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The role of vocational education and training in shaping the future of Europe

HomeThe event will provide an opportunity for Cedefop to inform the Members on the latest work of Cedefop on the rapidly changing nature and role of VET in Europe. Building on research covering a total of 30 countries, a set of ‘Scenarios 2035’ will be presented, illustrating the choices faced by policy makers and stakeholders in the years ahead. More...

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Estonia: VET law amendments bring better vocational training and labour market links

HomeOn 12 December 2018, Parliament adopted amendments to the Vocational educational institutions Act to link vocational programmes better with the labour market and to renew the funding principles of vocational schools. The Act also foresees more flexible ways to access vocational training and to update quality assessment. More...

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Skill development a shared responsibility – Cedefop Acting Director

HomeSpeaking to over 1 300 French vocational education and training (VET) stakeholders at the 16th université d’hiver (winter university) event on 30 January in Biarritz, Cedefop Acting Director Mara Brugia focused on the challenges European VET is facing and the policies to overcome them. More...

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Denmark: major national VET initiative

HomeDanish vocational educational and training (VET) is still suffering from lack of attractiveness and high drop-out. The Danish parliament has agreed on several new initiatives aimed at making VET an attractive choice and supporting completion.  The initiatives focus on content and quality of VET provision, and on easing progression from primary schools into vocational education for young people. More...

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Ireland: Erasmus+ work placements valued by VET learners and institutions

HomeLéargas is the national agency for managing international and national exchange programmes for all education sub-systems, including the post-secondary non-tertiary sector, where most vocational education and training (VET) occurs in Ireland, but not higher education. More...

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